Google is showing off some numbers today: 100,000 devices sold a day, the number two smartphone in the US after BlackBerry, over 1 billion miles navigated with Google Navigator, 28 OEMs, 48 countries, 59 carriers. ...all in about 18 months.

Anybody doubting the power of Android right now?


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Android: 100,000 units per day, 2nd in smartphones, 1st in usage


Oh, but can't you just hear the competition screaming Fragmentation Fragmentation?

(The sad part is even some in the Android community buy into the fragmentation nonsense, instead of embracing it as the diversity and price stratification that allows Android this level of penetration).

18 months. Starting with raw Linux. An amazing accomplishment, but its still in its infancy.

I know it's an old post, but does anyone have a link to the source? Or something more recent that supports this?