Android Central Awards

We're running the 2012 Android Central Awards through the weekend, making sure everyone has a chance to vote for their favorites. We spend the year talking about the devices and apps we love, but this is your chance to tell us what you love. It's an easy to take survey, complete with a write-in slot for each category in case we overlooked something.

We're keeping things open until Monday, then we're going to close it up and tally the votes. We'll go through them all and let you know what devices and apps you, the great AC community, thinks are the best of 2012. Hit the link below from your computer or phone and let us know what you think!


Reader comments

The 2012 Android Central Awards will run until Monday, Dec. 24


This is just a suggestion.

I started voting, but there are some questions that I just don't have answers for such has the best hacking app, the best game and so on. I had to end the survey without completing because I just don't have knowledgeable answers for every question. Perhaps next year you can make the questions optional so we can provide answers for the categories we have knowledge of and complete the poll

+1. I quit the survey at that point as well. I have no clue what the best hacking and travel apps are since I don't use either.

The Note 2 was left out of the polling options for "best phone of the year." Tacky. And clearly very must wonder why.