Trying to binge watch on a smartphone can be exhausting. You get hand cramps and stuff just sitting there holding it for hours. You need something to hold that phone for you so you can watch in peace. You can grab the Oternal adjustable tablet and phone holder and stand on sale for $5.49 with our link. The regular price is $11 and it never drops from that directly.

Hands Free

Oternal adjustable tablet and phone holder and stand

This deal is one of the best prices we've ever seen, and the stand is good enough to hold even a small tablet.

$6.99 $11.00 $4 off

The phone holder is designed with a low center of gravity and enough heft so it can hold even your larger phones or tablets. It's sturdy and solid and will never drop your devices. It's also adjustable. You can pick from multiple angles up to a 270-degree rotation. Watch horizontally or vertically. The pads and feet will protect your phone and your stand from scratches and slides. It's also covered by a one-year warranty.

The stand is compatible with any smartphone or tablet that is four to eight inches wide.

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