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We saw Samsung's 7-inch phone/tablet in a leaked SK Telecom brochure earlier this month. While the device was originally thought to be exclusive to South Korea, a device bearing the same model number (SM-T2558) made its way to the FCC, which indicates a US launch may be on the cards.

The device will likely be sold under the Galaxy Mega 2 moniker, and will be joined by a 6-inch device that is rumoured to launch in the coming months. Although the device has a naming convention that Samsung reserves for its tablets, the pictures of the phoneblet (the term "phablet" just doesn't seem to convey the sheer size of the device) indicate that it is thinner and designed to be used as a smartphone.

Samsung 7-inch phone at the FCC

Considering that the device is already undergoing certification at the FCC, an eventual release may not to be too far away. Samsung is hosting a media event on June 12 in New York in which it is said to debut the Galaxy Tab S series, but the manufacturer has unveiled devices like smartphones at such events in the past. There is no official confirmation of the same, and until such time there is, we advise you take the information with a grain of salt.

What do you think of the device? Is Samsung taking things too far with a 7-inch smartphone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: FCC, Via: SamMobile

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elibrukatz says:

It's too big to be used as a phone.

patfactorx says:

I want a 17' laptop phone

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speculatrix says:

17"?? Way too small, you want a Stanley

QatarHero says:

Depends on the specs... I love my Galaxy Note 3, I watch a LOT of movies on it but 7" may be a tad big but we'll see...

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thatguy97 says:

A tad?

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

bjn714 says:

If the specs from the leaked brochure are legit, I would have to pass. 720p, 1.2GHz quad core processor (of undisclosed variety, probably Snapdragon 400 based on the clock speed), 1.5gb RAM and 8gb of internal storage. Seems to follow directly in the footsteps of the Galaxy Mega 6.3, which was just a super-sized mid range phone. Too bad. Phone usage makes up maybe 3% of my usage so I would love a 7" device without tablet sized bezels. I still don't understand Samsung's logic with how they decide what devices get what features, but I do know that if it isn't a Galaxy S or Note device, it is not going to be a high end device.

sublimaze says:

I have always preferred large phones, but 7" is ridiculous.

enigmax says:

How about note 10.1 the phone model n8000 then? Been using it as my only phone since it came on market 2012.

Only ridiculous thing it is that the phone has still android 4.1.2, since january 2013.

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wmdhunt says:

I completely agree. I am guessing you are on 4.1.2 because of Verizon, right? I am going to TM on next contract date to see if it is better there. Or, perhaps, a GooglePlay edition. Do you have any recommendations for this. I am so frustrated with lack of updates. My Nexus7 gets updated regularly. Why this is such a problem is beyond understanding. Thanks for your comments.

WolfpacDAR says:

Consider me intrigued by this! Only phone, eh? So you walk around with this bad boy every day? and it's not terribly inconvenient? I presume you stick with Bluetooth to talk on it almost exclusively (although, who talks on a phone now-a-days anyways? ha)

FortTech101 says:

My Nexus 7 is offended. Anyway, when you get that big with phone size, it's a tablet with cellular connectivity.

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NoNexus says:


bjn714 says:

And that is perfect for some of us. I don't make many calls, but do on occasion and use SMS constantly. I would love to have a high end device with a 7" screen without tablet sized bezels and full cellular connectivity. Too bad this looks like it is following the Mega 6.3 with (barely) mid range specs in a large package.

clarinetjwd says:

May I recommend a mid range phone and a high end tablet, then? Using DeskSMS, I get full texting ability using my phone number on my tablet, and if I don't want to carry around a tablet, I don't have to.

bjn714 says:

I have an HTC One M7 GPE and. Nexus 7. I use DeskSMS, but I don't like having to carry two devices and I don't want to pay for two data plans, so the tablet is wifi only. I would rather have something with the screen of the N7 with phone sized bezels. And it seems there are quite a few people out there who share that sentiment. I don't think all devices should be made this large, but it would be nice to have the option. I will probably wait to see what the next Note or LG G Pro looks like.

Why not bring a 52" phone and call it as PhoTV, Samsung?

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NoNexus says:


Bobby Henris says:

Or call it the t-vone. Maybe these huge phones are for basketball players? Those guys are f-ing ginormous, like they're another species or phenotype. Just wondering...

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Now they are just having fun.

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deuceja says:

They are probably building these useless things from surplus inventory what better way to get rid of some of the stuff they will no longer use that's why the specs of these massive phoneblet are barely mid devices
~My $0.02~

Pam Smith1 says:

I would love to win it,cause it would make my life so much easier with a 7 inch screen and use it for all my tasks and wouldn't have to carry onlythat to work.

SabreGuy2121 says:

I just stuck my Nexus 7 up to my ear... Yeah, it's too big.

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vividrich says:

Hahaha I just did the same thing, and formed the same opinion!

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WolfpacDAR says:

I'm also assuming that it's gonna easily have HALF the bezel as a Nexus 7...

Xader says:

Did the same with my old Playbook. And I agree...

bjn714 says:

If you remove the bezel around the screen and only occasionally make calls (or always use a headset), it would be a great size for some of us.

DAS says:

I don't understand all this hate for no reason. Even the jab at the end of the article was completely unnecessary.
There is no such thing as a phone that's too small or too big. The individual needs of each consumer varies greatly, and so the needs of one person, or group of people, should not determine what's available for others.
Instead of disdain, Samsung should be applauded for not having a "one size fits all" approach to their product line up.
I carry a Galaxy Mega 6.3 Monday - Friday at work, and then I switch to my my GS3 on the weekends when I'm out and about on my motorcycle or hanging out with kids. I like having the options, and since both are paired with the Gear on my wrist, and the bluetooth in my car, the size is irrelevant.
My wife on the other hand has a 3.6 inch phone that she absolutely enjoys, and has no use for my phones. But it's great that the options are available so that each of us has the ability to choose the device that works best for our needs.
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wildman9904 says:

Completely agreed, DAS. Well said

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kentrol72 says:

Das..your logical reasoning is not welcome round these parts...

This is why I respect Samsung. Lets make phones in different sizes, shapes and functions and let the consumers choose what fits them best.

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figueroaw says:

Remember back in the days when kids were walking down the street with a radio the size of a suitcase on their shoulder? lol

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WolfpacDAR says:

"Individual needs" you say?! You must work for Apple!

NoNexus says:

Apple does not allow for individuality...


The Best Buy rep told me that I could have any color iPad I wanted, as long as it was white, lol.


+1 nailed it

thamenacing1 says:


Why all the hate? If it's not for you, it's not for you. I love my Note 3 and it's perfect for me everyday. A lot of people said 4.5 was too big, then 5.0, now 5.7 and 6.0. If you feel that way, just don't get it.

I won't hate on your choices so don't hate on mine (or anyone else's).

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tdizzel says:

I would like to apologize to everyone for DAS's comments and let everyone know he will immediately be banned from AC.
DAS's comments broke three fundamental rules and will not be tolerated.
1)he made a logical argument
2)he thinks we should have multiple options because different people like different things
3)he didn't bash Verizon

We will take swift and decisive action against anyone who posts that kind of propaganda

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azsdfsd says:

+1 to you DAS

wildman9904 says:

Hmmm... Maybe. I love my nexus 7. As a phone, though.... I wear Bluetooth constantly, so that's not an issue. But trying to type on a 7 inch device is arduous. That is the one thing that makes me think I'll keep my "normal" sized phone, and keep my consumption device as a separate thing

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stogie5150 says:

My wife carries the 10.1 2014 edition with the Cell radio in it, International edition off Amazon. She loves it. One thing Samsung did correctly is they have an enhanced speakerphone where you dont have to yell into it for people to hear you, you can just talk at normal volume into it laying on the table in front of you and its clear. I could never use it, but for her, its perfect. IMO there IS a market for these in the US, quite a few people we have talked to dont even know these tablets exist. Carriers want you to have TWO devices so you can pay for that extra data plan, dont ya see. Screw them. AT&T is totally confused by my wife's device, people at the store are clueless that a tablet exists with a cell radio in it. they tried to convince her that she was making calls with Skype or something...LOL...until I showed them the SIM slot, that is...good times....

one80oneday says:

Really like Mediapad X1 because of the screen & battery. Hope Samsung could provide 2014 specs, small bezel AMOLED screen and tablet pricing on this 7 incher.

NoNexus says:

I agree this is not a phone, but a tablet with phone capabilities. I could see where some find it useful, I am not one of them (as I say that I am still lamenting the Note 4 not going up to 5.9")


What else do you know about the Note 4 lol

cordawgfrito says:

It's been widely reported that the Note 4 will not see a increase in the display

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NoNexus says:

It will have a screen, it will be able to access the internet, it will make AND receive phone calls and texts...Let me say that again. make AND receive calls and texts...yep you can believe that.

I'm hoping on the YOUM display...really really hoping


My younger brother is definitely going to be purchasing this, as soon as it makes its way Stateside.

mykl376 says:

Options are always a good thing. I just can't ever see myself using something that big as my phone. I put my kid's 7" Samsung tablet up to my ear, and decided I wouldn't be able to ever make a call with a straight face. I use bluetooth in my truck, but not walking around.

Does the iPhone have the smallest total screen? When will we see a major phone with a micro screen? I'm talking 3", but with full smartphone capabilities, and not a goofy looking watch!

A 7 inch 16:9 display with small bezels is a lot smaller than you think. Your kid's tablet has large bezels I'm assuming.

El Platanero says:

Tablet slash phone. Right specs, I will own it. I don't care what size the phone is. I can't stand having it to my ear so it will make no difference to me if it's seven inches. Give me qhd and the lovely guts to go with it and I'll have to cheat on my note.

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ConTejas says:

Phoneblet makes phablet sound great...

Sammy knows "if you build it they will come."

Thats cool and all, and honestly I would probably buy one, but to carry around as a "cell" phone, no more than likely be more like a house phone, use speaker if im activly using the "phoneblet." My note 3 is big enough and more than capable when im on the go. 7in is just to big to be holding up to me

RusticKey says:

When they have this much money to spend... I say, why not?

My device went through hell to post this message.

Might make sense in some markets, but if the device doesn't fit in my pants pocket then it's not a phone I'll use... And if I want to use my tablet for a phone, I'll just fire up Google Voice.

travaz says:

I am afraid if I put the phablet in a case then clipped it on my belt, my pants would fall down. But hey if the big thing is your thing go for it.

s2weden2000 says:


... ( 0ppo F5) ...

7 inches is beyond overkill. it's a tablet at that size. even the xperia z ultra pushes the dial into the red.


To each their own.
Give me a Nexus 7 like device with phone capability. I don't use my phone as a phone enough for it to be embarrassing.

But the things I do use it for, the added size would be welcomed. The emails for work. GPS functionality, texting, etc.

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Samsung wont take a backseat to Nokia at any cost.

Youngunn says:

IMHO this is ridiculous. This is why apple retards make fun of Android... The are like that, 15+ different versions of the galaxy line? Fragmentation. Confusing. Sony and Motorola are more simple and less confusing. But if there's a market for this device then I guess go for it.

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cordawgfrito says:

HTC is more simple. Everyone is more simple than Samsung.

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DJCBS says:

Jesus Christ, "Phoneblet" is even worse than "phablet".

mykl376 says:


Xopher says:

Depending on the specs, I could see using this. I already don't hold my Note 3 to my head for phone calls (I prefer to use a headset and take notes, check my calendar, and do other things while on the call), so phone size is not an issue for me.

Before I got a smartphone, I carried my phone, an mp3 player, a pda, and a small camera. I looked like Batman with so many things on my utility belt. The smartphone made it easy to carry just one device.

But now, I carry my phone and a tablet. The phone has network connectivity, which the tablet has to be tethered when not in a wifi area. If I could find a 7-9" tablet with decent specs that makes phone calls, I could go back to carrying just one device again.

jimbo says:

Not interested if it doesn't have an S-Pen.

Jude526 says:

Too big. I wouldn't get it

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