With all the growth happening on the Android platform, I've kind of been waiting for this sort of thing to pop up again. It's not really a new concept, (Motorola had demos of devices like this one, among other companies) but it's the most recent iteration of the idea put to product. The iDECT iHomePhone 2000 is an Android powered, Wi-Fi enabled home land line phone that allows you to surf the web, watch YouTube videos and will gladly play you your favorite internet radio stations all on a 2.8-inch touchscreen display.

In addition to all those goodies, the iDECT iHomePhone 2000 also makes use of DECT cordless technology to ensure that no matter where you are in your house, you can still make and receive phone calls. Still not sold? Well, maybe the 14-minute digital answering machine, hands-free speakerphone and contacts manager that holds 300 contact numbers will be enough to sell you on the £99.99 price tag. [via TechFresh]


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iDECT iHomePhone 2000 - Bringing Android to your landline phone


If you have a home security system you need a Home phone. Besides, with the all in one plans from the cable and phone companies, its really cheap to have a home phone. Calling is also unlimited, so you can offset the cost by having a cellular plan with fewer minutes. I manage to have a family plan with 4 lines and only have 700 minutes. I have never gone over.

Wireless home security has existed for quite some time now. I ditched Ma Bell for VOIP and wireless years ago.

I pay less for my 6 MB DSL with incoming phone calls and 911 / 800 access than I would for the same speed with my cable internet. Plus I have an alarm system. I know there is wireless alarm systems, but it would cost at least $7 a month more. Also, I save on my Dish Network by having it hooked into my landline. If I were to switch to cable internet I would have to pay at least $20 more a month than I do now.

I would never buy this. If I wanted a home phone I would get a home phone, my Android phone does all the entertainment stuff I need it to.

I didnt think about it that way. You are absolutely correct. I have been trying to teach my dad how to use technology to his advantage. Plus my inlaws still have the Ericcson slide the antennae up cell phones. Damn, old people suck.... OOPS replied to wrong person...

This phone would make a great Christmas gift to parents that refuse to give up their landline (like mine). This can help bring the older generation into the 21st century. What would be great is if it had a front facing camera for Tango/Face Time, etc. Video chatting with the family would be great for the old folks.

You are not "old" just because you want a phone line that is reliable (ALWAYS works), rings through the whole house on multiple phones, has perfect clarity all the time, and doesn't have to be dependent on a charged battery.

Personally, I would prefer a device that back-connects your mobile phone to the existing home wiring. There are such products, but they are notoriously expensive, hard to find, and have compatibility issues.

This could evolve into a home base for your mobile devices. A booster for 3g and 4g signals plus tied into your smart printer and smart fridge. Home Base auto calls you your mobile to tell you smart fridge reports all beer is gone, someone just drank all the beer, so you relay a message to your smart printer to print them a bill and a message of pain if they don't make a beer run before your off work since the game is on tonite and you don't have time to stop after work. Don't laugh, you give me an android home phone and it will happen!

I can see these finding their way to ebay for $19.99...with free shipping. Android can't save the landline.

Dear Google,

I want android on every home appliance in my house!
TV (check)
Home Phone (check)
Computer (coming soon)
PS3 (coming soon)
Microwave (check, I think I've seen that already)
Home stereo ()
Dish Washer ()
Refrigerator ()
Washing machine ()
Dryer ()

Please work on this, thank you!

I somewhat disagree with many of the comments above.

Personally speaking, I have owned a few DECT systems over the last 10 years. I still use one today. Yes, I have 3 cell numbers, but still have a need for land line at home (2 lines). Today, in America, there may be more mobile numbers than land lines, but more people still use land line than mobile. I do not wish to use a cell at home. I don't want to carry it with me through my home, an I may not hear it if I don't have it with me, especially on other levels of the home. Consider that anyone can forward their mobile to home numbers... Google Voice for instance.

I have whole home integration, including whole house audio, dect phone, intercoms at external doors, security, networking (wired and wireless), networked appliances, etc... I only wish the keypads on the walls ran Android!

My point is that there IS room for devices such as this. Why not connect it by voip? Is that modern enough? Consider also that Google TV may be very big... I would probably have that already, except that all my current sets (LG) have integrated cable card and dvr, so I am waiting. Imagine having the phone in each room double as a remote!

I think people should be more open to this, as I suspect most have not owned a DECT system. It is quite convenient to have a dozen handsets throughout the home, being able to call from room to room, paging, etc, as children under 10 in a large home don't carry mobile phones, and I much prefer a page or a phone call to the familiar sound of someone screaming 'DAAAAAAD!' Yes, that's right! Some Android users are married with children and a home. :)

I think this 'toaster' is a fantastic idea.

What I would like to see is a base station/phone like this that actually uses your family plan and allows you to pair multiple android phones to it. You would always be able to get a home call when in range of the base station. I do have a security system and where I live I use verizon EVDO modems as my broadband (no other options) and I have to pay for a land line, this could ditch that for me.