HTC Stunning

HTC announced that their first NFC-enabled smartphone, called the Stunning, will be headed to China. With the Stunning, users will be able to use their phone with China UnionPay, the country's sole credit card company. Consumers can pay bills with their phone as well as make payments at point of sale.

The Stunning will feature a 4-inch display and will be available sometime next month. It's good to see HTC getting into the NFC game and I'm sure the technology will be apart of many of their handsets going forward.

Source: Asia Droid

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SeeK says:

Makes me so happy to think that maybe one day my wallet will be obsolete.

Hmmmmm... Looking forward to Sprint in Q4 and CES... Espcially with Sammy and now HTC with their foot in the NFC game... Oh and lets not forget ICS

IceDree says:

Kinda looks like a Defy

ajpatil says:

Didn't the N1 have NFC?

hoosiercub says:


emmib says:

That's an Incredible S/Droid Incredible 2