Good news for Droid lovers: Droid loads and renders pages slightly faster than the Eris - so the extra $100 is well-spent

Bad news for Droid lovers: the iPhone 3GS beat the heck out of the Droid in the above test. Other tests taken after the video weren't quite as dramatic as what you're seeing here, but facts is facts: the iPhone 3GS does load and render pages faster than the Droid.

Good news for Droid lovers: Verizon > AT&T in most areas, so you can always hold out hope that when you're running a speed test in a bar with your iPhone-owning friends, you can hold out hope that they won't have data access to begin with. Yeah, we said it.


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Droid, Eris, and iPhone 3GS: Browser Speed Test


Its funny you mention that the screen looks better on the Droid with regards to the white balance, because in the video, the Droid looks like a washed out green color while the Eris looks much whiter.

Ahh, the odd things that videos do.

I demand a recount via wifi!
better yet take three steps to the left where you dont have 3g coverage on the iphone and sitll do on the droid and try again

also you didnt clear the cache on the iphone.....

1 test is not the end all ,l this does not mean the iphone is faster ?? Bogus test not using real world conditions

I just ran the exact same webpage and process (cache/history cleared) and my droid finish the same time or ahead of the iphone every single time.

Cool video but not a very scientific test. I'd be interested to see a test with all three rendering say.. a huge plaintext file, over wifi. Or at least a variety of pages. It would be interesting to see if it's the hardware or the network. As you said your own site was under heavy load and who knows, that could be enough to throw off the test.

Yeah of course it did u dumb fuck, the droid got a head start and even when the page was not in the iphone version it still spanked the droid over its knee like your daddy did u.

I'd be willing to bet that the full version of tipb is optimized for Safari browsers. The Droid murdered the 3GS loading the iphone-optimized version.

The iPhone uses a separate GPU with graphics acceleration. Android has the capability, but has not implemented it into their software. Things will change once they do.

Wow, look at the 4:22 mark and compare how the Droid phones are choppy when scrolling compared to the iPhone. Almost night and day. It's like the Droid phones are running at 30fps and the iPhone is 60fps.

To truly test browser rendering speed you need to take the cellular network *and* the internet out of the equation. Hook them both up to wi-fi and surf to a locally hosted site, one at a time separately. This test looked more like "there's a map for that" fail...

IPhones are wickedly fast on wifi. Although I would like to see such a wifi test as well. The droid is very appealing.

Interesting...I used the phone earlier today, and every page I went to took 5 secs max to exagerration

I am a Verizon customer, I want the IPHONE but hate as many others, ATT's poor service. If Verizon sold the IPHONE, first they would bring the ATT customers back, and then they would take the market. Its so simple focus on the problem.

mmmm. That's odd. My droid renders web pages MUCH faster than this video over my 3G connection. I really think that network conditions had a significant effect on that test. In fact, my own tests over wifi show that my Droid browser is faster than the iPod Touch (2ndGen).

What an absurdly flawed and unscientific test. Truly a disservice

1) Comparative signal strength is not accounted for
2) Page coding is not addressed. is likely optimized for iPhone
3) Latency over the Internet from ATT & VZW to test site is not accounted for
4) Cache is not cleared on iPhone
5) Only one site tested
etc, etc

I just did these tests with an iPhone 3G on ATT 3G, and it was killed by all 3 of the phones in the video. Less than scientific, but it does make me think that the Droid will be a fantastic step up performance-wise, even if it isn't up to 3GS levels.

The biggest surprise to me was how close the Eris and Droid were in performance, considering the Eris is closer to my iPhone 3G and the Droid is closer to the 3GS in hardware. I'm not sure what this means, beyond the 3G being so limited by its RAM.

At the stores, the iphone loaded a lot slower than the droid. They were both on the network.

Was your test on wifi?
I'm guessing that the iphone will be faster on wifi, and the droid faster on the network.

Wow. I just joined Android Central and this is the first video I watched. How can you say this was a valid test? The test is so obviously flawed. I expected more from Android Central. I hope this is not indicative of the rest of the site. I mean this was really bad and irresponsible. If the rest of this site is worth reading, it would pull this piece!

HTC modded their browser didn't they? You can't really compare it with Droid that way. Did you see the ugly zoom buttons on the Droid?

Oh and iPhone doesn't support flash. I believe results will be different if you disable flash for the Android phones...

yeah, ditto on the flash difference. loading flash ads on a page takes ages, which the iphone doesn't (have the ability to) do.

You make such nice comparison for speed I liked it very much.I think you should try it on Wifi also.

In the video the droids screen went black, and then you hit the unlock button, but it didnt take you to the locked screen. is that an option that i missed????

i don't really care how they compare in a utopian situation.... how do they compare on the to network....this is so flawed it makes me wonder about your subjectivity on other topics....I went to try out an iphone at the apple store in NYC a while back and just couldn't get over that it took MINUTES to load a page or return search results....the performance was abysmal....I want to see how these phones compare on the street where I'll actually use them instead of my laptop or desktop....also, the fact that iphone doesn't support flash pretty much nixes half of the sites I regularly visit, so that's a wash right there.

Wait for the droid to get a couple of updates and do another test. I am willing to bet there would be a great improvement. The OS is still in an early phase. The iphone is still pretty cool though.

Reminds me of the global warming email hacks showing massaging of data and efforts to squelch peer review as a cooling trend over the last decade becomes apparent. All the phonerevealing s are amazing gizmos, but geek passion bias prevails. Total troll by an iPhone fanboy.

Or just render the html locally without using a network, like have it saved as a file. And don't they use the same rendering engine (webkit)? There are so many factors: connection speed, traffic, memory usage, etc. Benchmarks only matter when they both completely blow the competition out of the water AND provide a better user experience. The point is, try them, pick the one you like, and enjoy.

The iPhone beat the Droid on a test done from an Android site and you guys are still crying foul. LOL


Is Mac a better computer than a PC? Absolutely and it isn't even close. However, all business is done today on a PC so PC is king.

Likewise, is I-phone the better phone? Absolutely, and it isn't even close. However, all I-phones are on a shit network. If you cant get service, who cares what your browser speeds are. Droid has the most available network, so Droid is king.

Why this test is pretty stupid in the first place is because the droid has to render pages in 400x854 while the iPhone has to render in 400x320 on roughly the same processors. Of course its a no brainier that the iPhone will render faster. But the quality of the image provided on the droid is unmatched.

I wonder how the Eris and the droid stack up now that Eris and the droid come with the same OS

I had to return my Eris and get a Droid, way too slow. It might have been my large address book but all the issues went away with the Droid