Want to get into the world of smartphones without getting tied down to a monthly contract? AT&T GoPhone is one of many prepaid options out there, and now AT&T has announced some new data plans set to arrive on the prepaid service from April 22nd --

  • 1 GB - $25
  • 200 MB - $15
  • 50 MB - $5

GoPhone customers who subscribe to either the $50 Unlimited Talk & Text nationwide plan or the $25 Unlimited Text with 250 minutes nationwide plan are eligible to add the services, which are priced to offer twice as much data as earlier rates.

Source: AT&T

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scoobdude says:

That data plan would awesome for my vita. If it was only data that is

hmmm says:

Yeah, that would be pretty cool if you knew you were going on a trip or something. Just buy 200MB data and when it's used up it is used up. No worries or thoughts of a monthly bill.

And people who only pay by the minute (like me since I hardly talk on the phone) are screwed and can't get any data now. Typical AT&T bullshit. I'd go to someone else but where I live, the only ones that get service are AT&T and Verizon and Verizon is even more expensive.

PharmNerd says:

I do the same thing, and was also pissed when I saw this.

Then I went to AT&T's refill website and saw that these data rates are already live, yet I was still able to add $5/50MB to my pay-by-the-minute account.

It's possible that existing per-minute customers with data might be grandfathered in.

movielover76 says:

I hope so for your sake, but typically only post-paid accounts have grandfathering. At these prices, about 250% more than a post paid data plan, their shouldn't be any minimum voice and text plan, keeping some voice minutes active is reasonable to keep your phone activated, but your shouldn't need a monthly prepay plan.

PharmNerd says:

Oh, I'm pretty much EXPECTING that this data gets wiped out in a few days. It is AT&T, after all.

MizzyLizzy says:

I'd be curious to know if you are still able to add data today; I read somewhere that the cut off date was the 18th, so maybe you got in, in the nick of time. I'm seriously considering Tracfone or Straight Talk now. For one, you don't need to be signed up to a monthly plan and secondly, you actually get more of everything for fewer $s. And they use AT&T's networks anyway!

Get a t-mob or at&t phone and order the corresponding SIM card from Unlimited talk/text/Web* for $45 +tax a month.

Impulses says:

What a rip off...

Less of a ripoff than before though.

hmmm says:

Wow, a 50MB plan. My news and weather app used that much data once by accident.

gijoe12345w says:

Why would any one do this when they can just go to straight talk with any att phone and get unlimited talk text and roughly 2GB of data? I'm with straight talk right now good deal, but i'm going back to sprint soon EVO 4G LTE!

CeluGeek says:

Because with AT&T you can use your 500 MB or 1 GB of data in one weekend without repercussions. If you normally use Wi-Fi but are going out on a 3 or 4 day getaway, don't you dare use more than 100 MB per day on Straight Talk because even if you have used Wi-Fi the rest of the month, they'll still call you complaining that you're using too much data and threatening to cancel your service (and block you from porting your number when that happens). Straight Talk is full of hidden limits they do not want to disclose to their customers, yet they do enforce them. It's not worth saving a few bucks just to then live in fear of using your device and losing your number. Thanks but no thanks.

Volvogga says:

So... $25 for 250 minutes and unlimited text messaging. Another $25 for 1Gb or data. By comparison, the $50 Unlimited pre-pay at T-Mobile includes unlimited minutes and text messaging, and unlimited data (with the first 100Mb operating at 4G speeds). I guess the AT&T would be a better deal here for those that are more geared towards data use.

However, that T-Mo says "4G" and AT&T says "Data" worries me. I always wonder if pre-pay customers get lower priority on calls and data. With this I wonder if AT&T would lock the Go-Phone people at 3G speeds.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*

movielover76 says:

I use a post paid 4G AT&T phone and the 4G data plans have access to different apn's which support higher throughput. In fact, out of the box a 4G HSPA+ phone doesn't work with a normal 3G account, though you can get it to work by changing the apn.
So it's possible they put you on a slower 3G plan

Good step in the right direction, but $45 unlimited everything on Straight Talk is wayyyy ahead.