HTC Evo 4G's 8MP Camera

Those huge activation numbers Andy Rubin recently mentioned highlight both a blessing and a curse for carriers these days. Reuters has revealed the curse by announcing that, on average, Android users consume the most mobile data compared to all other smartphone users. They place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Android phones' "better cameras and video recorders, and software for editing the footage." ZING. These days, Android phones are typically launching with 5 or 8 megapixel cameras (like the HTC Evo 4G, shown above) and people are taking advantage of the increased resolution when shooting pictures or video.

As carriers like Verizon continue to push heavily for their customers to upgrade their feature phones to smartphones alongside pricey data plans, they must be aware of the increased strain of those phones on their networks. Anyone with an iPhone can tell you endless tales of woe with AT&T, which can largely be attributed to their 3G network simply not being robust enough when the iPhone 3G was launched back in 2008.

So, is it possible that Android users on other networks could see this same problem in the future? One solution are the "4G" data-centric networks Verizon and Sprint are using, which will likely attract the power users who consume the most data, leaving less strain on 3G networks for the average user. Still, there is only so much bandwidth to go around so this issue is far from resolved. [Reuters via BGR]


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Android phones use the most data, blame the cameras


I don't buy this camera bs. That's laughable. Most data is consumed by streaming on devices and tethering. Android comes with sanctioned paid tethering, and tons of pirated tethering with apps straight from the market. No root required. And they want to blame the cameras lol That sounds about like Sprint's explanation of the 4G fee.

Well, streaming maybe, but certainly not tethering.

Maybe 1/100th of one percent of android users have ever even tried tethering. It virtual never happens in the real world.

But millions use Pandora and many watch some videos.

Would be cool if you could send those big pictures in good quality. I send pictures from my Evo to my gf's iphone all the time, and they look terrible when she receives them...

I absolutely love my EVO. However, I have three things I'd like to change about it. Number one on the list is revising how it reduces the size of photos when it texts!!! I can go along with reducing it from 8MP to 5MP, but the crappy thumbnail size photos that are sent is ridiculous!!! This is suppose to be a high end phone! Why cripple something as basic as photos in texts??? in all fairless, i'm sure it is SPRINT that's imposing this and not HTC. Regardless, it's annoying!

In case anyone was wondering...number two would be to add a dedicated camera button and three would be to ever so slightly increase the size of the power button (hard to press sometimes). Both of these are very minor. The thumbnail photos in MMS messages are killing me though...

Lol. Man Tim is really on this tethering kick isn't he? I think it comes from people using their phones as computers like I do. Always browse the net on my phone, it's just easier.

Umm no it isn't. If you think it is all you are doing is twitting, Facebooking, etc on your device. Trying to do anything other then the basics on these things gets frustrating FAST.

It was nice going to football games this year with an Evo. When everyone else was bringing the 3g towers nearby to a standstill (with any network), I'd turn on 4g and give everyone around me scores to the other games. In a congested area, it's great to have an alternative to 3g.

Sigh - actually, the iPhone is a slightly bigger bandwidth hog - which is why select streaming products are only available on WiFi. Android is a close second. If you want to conserve data resources, consider Nokia / Symbian devices, especially if you you want maps/navigation, along with better cameras. The N8, for example, comes with a 12MP camera.

Self refreshing widgets with true multitasking will do that as well as tethering. And the iPhone is NOT a bigger bandwidth hog. AT&T just restricts it more because their network blows, and they have lots and lots of subscribers. The mere fact that a lot of services are only available on WIFI should prove this. And as far as a phone that uses efficient bandwidth, Blackberries are the king of that. I mean they send all data to a server in canada that compresses and delivers the data in about a half of original size. Of course the data is not any good and it is slow as molasses except for text email.

Android's failure to conserve bandwidth is also the fault of their carrier. Mainly Verizon which insists that some of their apps run only on their network. Like Skype and even their own MyVerizon App.

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@thegreatinfidel: I tether. I watch hulu some, while tethering. That eats up way more data than my camera lol But yeah, I use my phone as my computer as well. I rarely ever tether, as my Evo does most of what I need. That's why I don't buy the camera bs.

Could incessant auto-updates be a part of the problem? Is there a setting for auto-updates to be performed on wi-fi?

If Android phones are the biggest data hogs, why does AT&T have the worst performance? They have the fewest Android phones of all the major carriers.

What video editing software is this referring too? I'd love (and pay for) a decent video editor app.

Generally thought, this camera argument sounds like a load of crap from people who don't really understand these devices.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Obviously the person whose mouth from which that comment came knows nothing.

Don't blame the androids camera...blame little kids constantly uploading pics to Facebook.
guns don't kill people ....bullets kill people.

The point is that a lot more people are using their devices as computers and tethering. Uploading pics and video hales in comparison. Just because you are too stupid to read between the lines, don't assume someone doesn't know what they are talking about : ) I have never used a task killer, how many people can say that? I know how Android works. I know how my phone works.

When trying to account for the abnormally high data usage of android devices - I'd guess the most likely culprit is Tim. :)

I believe that is has to do with Android supporting Flash. I have both phones. Browsing the web is more enjoyable on Android. I hate getting the "Flash not Supported" screen.