The interwebs were ablaze when The Guardian cited 'industry insiders' saying that Nokia, the world's largest phone manufacturer, was making an Android device to be introduced in September. The logic was understandable: though Nokia was the #1 phone manufacturer, they've been losing market share since smartphones have become more popular. Competitors like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android have been slowly chipping away at their lead and it may be only a matter of time before Nokia is overtaken. A Nokia built, Android powered device could potentially prevent that.

Our friend Matthew Miller of NokiaExperts weighed in on these Nokia to Android rumors saying:

A Nokia Android device could have some very compelling specs and given the reputation of Nokia phones in regards to phone calls, media capture, and battery life I would be first in line to buy a Nokia Android unit

And though the prospect of a Nokia and Android union is exciting and makes some sense, it doesn't seem to add up or fit Nokia's current plans. Nokia phones run Symbian, another smartphone OS that Nokia has pledged their allegiance (and cash) to--to jump ship would be a complete shift in strategy that could prove unnecessary and too risky. But all this speculation is much ado about nothing as Nokia (predictably) squashes these rumors before they get out of hand, stating:

"There is no truth to this story whatsoever," a statement from the company read. "It is a well known fact that Symbian is our platform of choice for smartphones."

So though it looks like Nokia has nothing Android-related in the works, it certainly won't stop Nokia and Android fans from continuing to hope. We'd love to see if Nokia can deliver a great experience on our lovely Android. What do you guys think?


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Nokia Denies Working on Android Phones


Market share declines for Nokia smartphones are a factor of having few, if any, carrier relationships in the US, which is the biggest smartphone market. It has nothing (directly) to do with the OS.

One of the many ways large companies dwindle in the marketplace. They ignore or fail to see how emerging technologies by smaller more nimble companies chip away at their old and antiquated business models. Symbian OS? puh-lease, that's so early 2000's.

Nokia is not going to take a U-Turn to Antroid as they have already invested too much in Symbian Foundation.. But they must think switching to Android if they want to dominate the smartphone market . They believe in driving straight and thats not always right..

I think Nokia is falling behind with their Symbian OS

The GUI on iPhone, Palm's WEB OS and HTC's SENSE looks awesome

Anything on Symbian looks dated and hurt the eyes - there is not one Nokia phone that I would buy, before the above mentioned

I think the real problem with Symbian is that there are too many flavors. As an OS, it is indeed powerful. What other platform has as many games as Symbian? And I mean REAL games like "Need for Speed", etc. The problem is if you write an app for Feature Pack 3, they might not work on FP5. Then the developer has to tweak it for each feature pack.

If they can streamline the Symbian OS into one unified version, they would be the only real contender to Android.


Blackberry suffers from the same problem and will eventually get left behind. Don't believe it? Look at Palm trying to climb its way back from near obscurity.