The mysterious V1 Vphone made by the even more mysterious Saygus just got a little less mysterious (which is a good thing, kind of). Saygus execs say that the V1 Vphone will be available to Verizon customers but won't actually be supported by Verizon--so basically you'll have to trust Saygus enough to come through with quality, support, warranty, etc in the V1 Vphone.

So why should you still be interested in the V1 Vphone? Well for starters, they're going to offer video calling on the device. The front-facing camera will allow for video conferencing on the mobile device which will surely entice enough users to take the plunge. Saygus says that you can do video calling either handset to handset or over VoIP clients that support it. Since video conferencing isn't widespread here in the States, our biggest concern is quality, but again Saygus execs say that their video compression technology is great and that it'll even work over EDGE.

From phonescoop's hands on with the Saygus V1 Vphone, the device is said to be huge. Luckily, the keyboard is great because of its expansive size and the screen is as brilliant as the DROID's screen. The V1 Vphone can even be used as a wireless access point meaning you can use Verizon's 3G network to wirelessly tether your laptop. Sweet. The V1 Vphone will launch with Android 1.6 but eventually update to 2.0 in the future. It all sounds really great now but we have to see the V1 Vphone in real-life testing to see how everything works together.

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(I thought I posted before, but doesn't seem to have gone through.. sorry if this goes twice)

"over VoIP clients that support it" Are there any examples of what they mean by this? My primary interest is if it would work with system like Sorenson, which offer videophones for deaf users (for relay service with interpreters). I'd like to be able to call my wife's video phone and sign with her.

I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole. It looks nice but that business of it only being supported by Saygus could leave you in a bit of a lurch if it gets FUBAR.

Droid wanna be... i'll stick with my glass and metal on my droid as opposed to the plastic on whatever you call this thing... its also only going to be running adroid 1.6 I'll stick with 2.0... funny how this shows up the same week at the Droid...

Why introduce a brand new phone with 1.6, and then upgrade it later? Why not come out with the newest software?