HTC One and iPhone 5.

Just the same, only different: The iPhone 5 and HTC One are worlds apart

"The HTC One looks just like the iPhone 5!" Those were the words out of many a mouth after HTC unveiled its new, all aluminum Android smartphone last month. Metallurgy aside -- and we're willing to bet either Apple or HTC could talk ad nauseam about the chemical makeup of their particular blend of aluminum -- that's where the similarities end. Both phones are made of metal and glass.

Get over it.

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Held in the hand, they couldn't feel more different. First and foremost is the size. The HTC One is a good 14 mm or so taller than the iPhone. It's a full centimeter wider. It is, simply, a much bigger phone, with its 4.7-inch display dwarfing the iPhone's 4-inch screen.

The other major difference which, again, gives stark difference in feel, comes from the sloping sides of the HTC One. That's the same design we first saw in the HTC 8X and Windows Phone, and later in 2012 in the Verizon Droid DNA. The battery is packed into the middle of the guts instead resting in the posterior, allowing for that teardrop shape that fits ever so nicely in the palm of your hand and makes a big phone feel smaller than it really is. The edges taper down to a scant few millimeters. The iPhone, meanwhile, feels like a box. 

The iPhone wins out on weight, coming in about 30 grams lighter. Of course, it's smaller. More dainty. So that's not any great surprise.

Apple's always been able to eke out decent sound from the smallest of devices, but there's really no comparison to the front-facing stereo speakers on the HTC One, which are as stylish as they are functional. Seriously, you might have to turn the volume down.

All in all, the similarities stop after the sentence "they're both made of metal." The iPhone is the iPhone, and the HTC One is the HTC One. Have a gander at the gallery below if you still need more convincing.


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HTC One versus the iPhone 5


OK, let's focus on the overall point in this case. The article is not disputing about whether the advertised specs are right or wrong. Just looking at the two devices, it obviously clear that they do not look the same. The article says it all. Get over it and move on.

You are so right. I mean the world must surely end now that they accidentally wrote 5.5" instead of 4.7"...

Thank you for highlighting their world ending mistake in dramatic fashion.

The only moron here is you. Phil took note of the mistake and is trying to fix it.

... and here comes the ass kisser.

If one is doing a review shouldn't he/she be prepared? Have a spec sheet? Not asking too much.

I suppose if one is doing a review that one should get all of the specs dead on. But if one is just posting a quick pictorial comparison, one should be okay if one makes a spec mistake, as long as one corrects it. If, however, one is just being a dickhead then one will point out some other one's mistakes just because.

Also, referring to oneself as one (or anyone as one, for that matter) is a sure sign that you're a fucking asshole. Except me. Because I'm just making fun of you.

But is it not allowed to refer to oneself as "one" when discussing the HTC One? Or are bad puns not good for one one !!1111one !1111 1!spamspammalfunctionsfisndvn.

"with its 5.5-inch display dwarfing the iPhone's 4-inch screen." That would be a Note 2. The HTC One is 4.7" is it not? :)

Uh, duh! The talk after the announcement wasn't that it looked like another android, it was iphone trolls trying to say it looked like their iphone 5s because it looks so much better and they want people to believe their iphones look like that.

Whoops. Got the Galaxy Note 2 and Optimus G Pro sitting in front of me. I've fixed the article and will annotate the video.

Update: Re-cut the video so people can unbunch their panties now.

i am sure you have been browbeaten enough by these guys for the 5.5" screen goof, so i wont ridicule you any more.

all i am going to say is that you seem to review way too many devices (hence getting you screen sizes messed up) please send any and all phones to me for review. i can't guarantee the writing will be up to snuff, but i will review the hell out of these phones :)

While i am no Grammar expert....I am pretty sure it is "by" and not "bye"

"Bye" is used to express farwell

if you were being sarcastic, disregard this post.

Yep, as others have pointed out, it's totally "bye", but whatever. Also, the more accurate usage would be "kthxbye", but that's up for discussion.

Since this is a grammar website and all, I thought I'd point out all of turdbogls' mistakes (nice name btw):
- "hence getting you" should be "hence getting your"
- There should be a period or semicolon after the parentheses
- Capitalization, anyone?

You're welcome to all of you.


Certified Grammar Expert

Is this the right voiceover? You keep saying this phone is ginormous and not for everyone with it's 5.5" display. First off, the HTC One is 4.7", and second, compared to almost every other phone being released these days 4.7" is smaller than most. Come on AC!

Camera pics. Is it better than the Iphone 5? I don't care about the sunset, flowers, or sunshine. I mean indoors, friends night out, cook outs, or lake weekend, parties,family, real life stuff.
The HTC ONE X rear camera is good but I wouldn't say better than the Iphone 5. It was a hit or miss picture. The HTC ONE X front camera is a fiasco

The bigger problem here is this,youre getting to play with it, while the rest of us have to... not.

Phil you have had this phone enough to tell us WHAT THE BATTERY LIFE is? Just be upfront with us and tell us HONESTLY!

Only had it a couple days, but it's been pretty good.

CAVEAT: Do remember that I'm using a European HTC One, so that means no U.S. LTE. Keep that in mind as you see other reviews this week.

I think it points out how ugly and wasteful of space the front of the iphone is with those huge top/bottom bezels. Each to his own but I don't like the iphone look.

I love the look of the HTC sadly I just bought a nexus 4 :(.
sadly only because the HTC is perdy, I couldn't be happier with the nexus :)

Sadly, again the camera is a let down. All this talk about the camera just like when the One X came out. A camera test has already been posted on other sites against the iphone 5 and the iphone is still kind of cell phone cameras. Oh well.

You mean the one done by CNET Asia that is posted around. The one that clearly states that the HTC phone they had wasn't a production model and that they fully expect the camera to be much better in the production models?

The HTC One looks much better and more comfortable with the elegant curved back. iPhone is ugly in comparison even if their design was improved in the 4/4S and 5 (the older generation 2G-3G S is extremely ugly!).

I think HTC has managed to make a really nice looking device with the One and it feels like a worthy successor to the HD2. A premium metallic body paired with powerful hardware. It is the first device since HD2 and Desire HD that feels really interesting in my opinion.

Since I am using Straight Talk, there are no problems with buying it either and enjoy it the way HTC intended.;)

The only thing I am skeptic against is the camera. Something along with the Nokia 808, i.e. a bigger sensor with more MP that is scaled down to 8 MP had been more interesting. Even with UltraPixel, I think that 4 MP is a bit low and the picture quality must be really good with decent detailing in order to compensate. If they had used a sensor with say 16-20 MP and scaled them to 8 MP a la 808, it would be better and I guess easier to sell. Yes, I know that MP is a much marketing but I think that 5-8 MP is more appropriate for a smartphone.

I can't believe people were actually saying these phones look a like. Whoever was saying that must have been high and drunk.

SO, precisely who needed this post? Hey, I went out to get an iPhone 5 but got this stupid HTC One instead, said no one ever.

Seriously, what's with this obsession with teh One? I know HTC deserve a chance, but do they really, after aping the design AND philosophy of iPhone 5 with the One? (Who needs home screen panels, or widgets - lets give them a scrolling feed and some loud sound).

Sony Xperia Z deserves far, far more coverage than what is being given here, if for nothing else then for being the first non-Nexus flagship to sport virtual keys. (Not that its not an amazing set otherwise)

Youre an idiot.

1. You can add more than one home screen. but personally, i only use 3, so i dont need 30.

2. Placing good sounding loud speakers on the front is fucking genius. No ones done that. No one.

3. The obsession is that its probably the best phone to come out this year, and that some people (including myself) thought it looked to much like an iPhone 5. And i stand corrected. The iphone 5 looks like a low class budget phone compared to the One.

4. The Xperia Z nothing special. The HTC One. Thats special.

Your #2 is actually not completely correct. For phones it is (to the best of my knowledge) but not for Android devices- the Nexus 10 has stereo front speakers (and it is a great feature to have... love it).

If you think this phone will be "the best" phone released in 2013 by any measurable are the idiot. A)There is no best, but best for you. B) Phones released at the end of the year will have better specs...say the next Nexus...and then the S5 will have incrementally better specs than that this time next year. Observant, you are not.

The HTC One is IMHO the best looking android phone to date. And no it doesn't look anything like an iPhone when you actually place them side by side.

If only they stopped trying to 'differentiate' themselves into some HTC specific phone OS I have no desire to use... (I can't fix the lack of proper 4.0+ multitasking and only two buttons with a custom launcher...)

Still it is so pretty. HTC deserves credit for this one which looks soooo much better than the rather ugly and odd looking HTC One X (yes I said it). If HTC markets this right I think Samsung will come to regret not employing premium materials (aka anything besides the flimsy plastic) on the GSIV. And I say this as a happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

if this phone was a woman Phil would marry it. any time someone says even the slightest negative remark about it he gets all pissy. and stop acting like this is your first mistake.

What are we, 5 years old?

I don't care if someone doesn't like a phone. But I do want folks to have at least a fairly educated opinion.

This video makes the iphone' screen look absolutely dated lol. Apple needs to seriously step their game up.

This is a ridiculous comparison. If anything, I would compare the iPhone 5 up against the Incredible 4G. Then again, it looks like it's being compared from a hardware point of view only.... which wait is also retarded! Why does this article exist??

It exists so people will read it, which you clearly did not do. ""The HTC One looks just like the iPhone 5!" Those were the words out of many a mouth after HTC unveiled its new, all aluminum Android smartphone last month"

Lol are you mad because the iPhone looks rather pedestrian next to the HTC One. The reason this is compared to the HTC One is because it is the best Apple has to offer vs the best HTC has to offer. It ain't Android Central's fault if the iPhone can't hang.

As far as looks are concerned you must be blind as fuck if you think they look anything alike or just a blind iphone fool. I like to compare the software, the new HTC One is full of new innovations and the iphone hasn't changed in over 2+ years. Apple better get off the can and on the stick because it won't be long before many of their blinded fans will flip. Anyone who enjoys the modern day smart phone wants and enjoys new innovations, Android is that phone. To put your money down on almost 3 year old technology is just crazy, buy the best buy the latest and greatest hardware and software buy Android. Just My Opinion.

Then Jr,
You don't understand the iOS "Experience" as an owner of an iPad AND a Android Phone I can tell you the ecosystem of iOS puts Android to shame.. Not everyone cares if it has a "V6" under the hood vs an "In-Line 4".. More Mature Adults don't sit in circles and compare how fast a program opens on their phone.. those types of "Pissing Contest" are left to the young geeks.. That's why the iPhone & iPad sell so well.. They Work.. And to the Majority... That's what matters most.

Amen, but as you said an Android device fits into said ecosystem "just" as well. Apple just understands how to market their ecosystem and tell people what they should want to buy. Straight from Job's mouth (r.i.p). Unfortunately for them, Samsung and Google (Nexus) have been paying attention...and Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs.

Vinny you are right on track. Within the year Apple will most likely produce a larger phone That looks more like the HTC one.
Then all the fanboys that raved about the perfect size 4inch iPhone will buy them by the millions.

As an iPhone user, I would have to say that HTC has done this one right! I am going to get rid of my old-fashioned iphone, really tired of the iOS and the same old design

You have to be a total fanboy to look at those 2 phones and not see that they look just enough alike to not get sued. Give me a break lol

LOL because they're similar in color and both rectangular? Admittedly, the top/bottom pieces on the back of both phones being plastic does look a bit similar, but that has more to do with antennas and RF signals than an actual design choice.

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Not sure why weight is such an important metric?

why is one phone being 30g lighter than the other in any way important? Have we become so enfeebled as a race that we can't carry such 'cumbersome' objects around?

For me, if I've spent a small fortune on a gadget I like to have some heft to it. If it weighed next to nothing I would be wondering what I had spent my money on.

Ive had an iPhone and enjoyed it. I now have an HTC One X and really like it. The downside is the lack of updating to newest version of Jellybean, however with the ned One I would be willing to live with it as it is so nice! WOW, what a great looking phone. One of the only ones not made of plastic. Why is 5.5" being brought up? The phone is same size as the current 4.7" One X. I am looking forward to being able to see this phone in person.