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We had plenty of travel time en route to Mobile World Congress and spent a good chunk of it playing with the various keyboards available for Android phones. Of course, one of the front-runners is Better Keyboard, which just got a major update to Version 5.0. What's new:

  • Redesigned speech input feature. No longer have to long-press the button.
  • Speech input remains on until you hit cancel, which is great for dictating entire paragraphs. This can be toggled in the settings.
  • Speech engine understands punctuation for proper dictation.

Go ahead and update your keyboard if you haven't already, or snag it for $2.99 from the Android Market.


Reader comments

Better Keyboard updates to v5.0, brings better voice settings to Android phones


That keyboard sucks dont waste your time or money , not eveb close to the N1 keyboard I already have

Better Keyboard sucks. I purchased it for my N1 because of the supposed multi touch support. The multi touch support is no more than that of the stock keyboard. Plus Better Keyboard is disgustingly ugly even with the skins. Good thing you can return apps with in 24 hours.

I found a little trick with some of the better keyboard skins

Download them, then make into metamorph themes after you extract from the APKs. Works on most.

I installed the update and the speech to text still closes shortly after i am done talking.... Also not as accurate as the 2.1 android keyboard. Good idea though.