HTC Titan II and Samsung Galaxy Nexus

We've already put the Samsung Galay Nexus up against the new Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900, and now it's time to take a look at it next to the venerable HTC Titan II, announced Monday at the AT&T Developer Summit here in Las Vegas.

For you HTC fans, there's a lot here that's familiar. The Titan's a mix of soft-touch plastic and metal, with those little design flares that HTC does oh so well. It feels like an HTC phone. The screen is big -- the screen is 4.7-inches of Super LCD glass -- and it looks quite nice. But the Galaxy Nexus beats it with its 720x1280 Super AMOLED HD display. It's less about the screen type than it is the pixels. The 720p screen just trumps it, hands down.

Android Central @ CES Microsoft has continue to work well with its manufacturing partners in terms of optimizing the devices. The Titan II is 1.5 GHz single-core device, but the UI is fast as fast can be. That doesn't mean you won't run into bottlenecks though. Despite having a 16MP camera on board, you'll have to make do with 720p video recording, and not 1080p like you'll find on most Android devices now. That's not a huge strike -- it's more of a limiting factor when using a single-core processor.

It really is that camera that had us impressed, especially when compared to the lackluster shooter on the Galaxy Nexus. From Day 1 of Windows Phone, Microsoft's done cameras right. You go from a cold start to shutter action quickly than just about anything else out there (the new Xperia S could give it a run for its money), and the quality of pictures and video on the Titan II is quite good.

We've got a few more pictures after the break, and be sure to check out the full hands-on with the Titan II at

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan IISamsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan II

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan IISamsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan II

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan IISamsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan II

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan II


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Android's Samsung Galaxy Nexus versus the Windows Phone HTC Titan II


It's clear that HTC is running low on ideas for new device names. "Well Bill, we already made a phone called the TyTn II, It was spelled incorrectly... Ok, then we will just spell it right this time... Genius!"

lol, very true. Wish all companies would stop shoveling out hundreds of different phones every year and focus on making just a couple completely awesome ones.

I think 2 models per year per manufacturer, with options of different screen sizes with the same processor. 3.7", 4.3", 5.4" or so. Same great design physically and factory provided with vanilla options, sense/blur/touchwiz (apps) optional.

I'd say 4 models per manufacturer. 2 high end and two low end, both sets having one qwerty and one slate. Then again, with 4 phone per manufacturer, we'd be looking at around 20 phones total per year.

Scratch that. I think that a Nexus model would be good. One leading phone a year on all carriers. Then the next year they just have to update their newest phone series and the previous years. And then they could determine what to do with qwerty and low end phones. (That's where it gets messy).

So what is the conclusion? I stand firmly behind the Galaxy Nexus. Not only because its Android, but because I have one in my pocket. :)

Opposite story here. I wanted a Galaxy Nexus but refused to pay $750 to import one without a warranty. Picked up a Titan and I'm loving it so far. My Infuse and Galaxy S II are on Craigslist. Samsung and Google lost a loyal fan with that bs Verizon exclusive. The GSM Galaxy Nexus should have been sold unlocked for $550 at Best Buy, Amazon, etc. from day one.

IMO you should have held out for the AT&T Note. now you're trapped with Ballmer on that small tiny island called Windows Phone.

Better to be trapped with Ballmer than on Gingerbread with the Note. You know it will be at least 6-8 months before that thing gets Ice Cream Sandwich.

O yeah like windows have sent a lot of updates for their phones, considering you will be waiting a long time to get windows 8, and well the apps aren't the best out there, and the numbers are low, most of the apps that you use on an Android device you won't find on windows, I'm telling you from experience, had an HTC radar, and well while it was OK I think windows needs a lot of work to get consumers attention.

On both platforms there is one major OS update per year with a few point releases in between, no? I like Windows Phone as it is and I won't be waiting long for Windows Phone 8. I'll get it as soon as it's released in late summer or early fall.

Have the Note, and even with Gingerbread, it is the best phone I have used. Note is also the fastest phone I have used when applying CPU intensive database filters. Note completes CPU intensive filter tasks significantly faster than other Android, or iOS phones. I have a WP7 phone, but database app is not available on WP7.

Note completes filter execution in 4 seconds, Galaxy Nexus in 7 seconds, and the iPhone 4 (not 4S) takes a long 23 seconds. iPad 2 takes 12 seconds. The Note is like a supercharged sports car, at least for this CPU intensive task.

I respect other opinions, but for me, WP7 is bland, requires too much scrolling, live tile updating is distracting like a Vegas billboard, and it is too feature deficient / missing too many apps for my needs. It is super smooth, I do agree with that comment. I am a former WM power user bordering on evangelist who wanted to like WP7, but it just does not meet my needs anymore.

I have had many phones but my HTC Titan is an awesome,fast device. Os imo blows away all 10-20 different android versions. This os/phone is a true smartphone. Don't knock ot till you try it brag.

I've tried it. It sucks. Worse, they updated my beloved XBox 360 to the Metro interface and spam Bing (the single worst major brand in the last 10 years, right ahead of Brown (UPS)) throughout the thing.

I can understand folks who work for MS, like my friend who after starting at MS went from being an independent-minded rationalist to a Kool-aid drinking zombie, promoting Windows Phone. After all, MS is like a cult here in Redmond. You can see it in their eyes. However, I don't see why anyone else would like Windows Phone 7. The interface reminds of those chairs that so-called design artists create that look cool until you actually sit in them.

Well, Windows Phone isn't popular yet but it certainly gets some damn good reviews and ratings. I came from Android and like it, and I definitely don't work for Microsoft and even like Google better as a company.

Like I said, I'm surprised. It goes to show you that even the crappiest products have their adherents.

Go to and look up the worst movie you can think of. I'll bet there is someone who has posted a positive, if not outright glowing review of the crapfest.

I'm assuming that you upgrade your phone every 3-6 months? You left behind an SGS2, which is arguably better than a nexus hardware wise, to go to a single core HTC windows phone?

why do people say that the SG2 is better hardware than the G-Nex? the number one hardware feature is the display since that's what the user interacts with 100% of the time. what hardware spec does the SG2 have over the G-Nex that you will actually see day to day in the REAL WORLD?

Faster processor/GPU
Better camera
RGB stripe
Better external speaker
Gorilla glass
SD card capability

I'm sure there are others.

As a follow-up, I see the Nexus as superior to GS2 in the following ways:

1. Higher resolution, though this actually slows the OS down and not all apps support it yet
2. ICS
3. Soft buttons. Some see this as a detriment but I love the idea

That's it. It all depends on what's important to you.

Faster Processor: we can all agree that after a certain point it doesn't matter. For example, you think that the SG2 is buttery smooth right. So a quad core Exynos wouldn't be much of a difference right? The same applies for the nexus. With ICS it runs buttery smooth in most areas, even with that higher resolution. The only places where it doesn't are being solved by small software updates. know......things that phones should get but most don't.....

Better camera: no argument there, your camera kicks the GN's a**

RGB Stripe: Doesn't matter at this resolution (except maybe on the lowest brightness)

Better external speaker: once again, no argument there

Gorilla glass: yes the GN doesn't have it, but it does have another hardened glass screen. GG is just a brand name and while it works, it's not the only one that does

SD card: no argument, I want it added in, but I understand why Google didn't add it in

Where the GN beats the GS2: Much higher resolution screen. (IMO icons look kinda childish on the GS2, partly because of the resolution, and partly because of Touchwiz)

On-screen buttons: like you said, arguable but I love em

I know this is just hardware, but the GN is better than the GS2 because of it's software. Anyways, I see the two as equal hardware wise.

I follow one of the main Android platform developers on Google+ and she posted extensively about how more processing power is definitely required for a higher resolution screen. Thus, the Nexus has a disadvantage right out of the box, even if the processors were equivalent.

I'm not saying the trade-off isn't worth it. I'm a resolution evangelist. I brought in my own 24" 1920x1200 Dell UltraSharp into work because I couldn't stand the low resolution screens my employer expected me to use. Everyone looked at me funny. Now, four years later, they all have big screens. A few have two of them. However, when it comes to phones with a tiny screen size, relative to a desktop monitor, the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

As for the software being superior, that may be the case in theory. However, there's something to be said for a seasoned OS version that has had most of he major bugs worked out. Consider the longevity of Windows XP, despite Microsoft dangling the Vista carrot before our eyes. People just didn't swallow the idea that this new-fangled OS would reduce their highly optimized XP machine to a crawl. MS learned from that fiasco and Windows 7 is much better. Despite all this, I'm still running XP on my work computer. I enjoy the features that Windows 7 brings but I'm not really missing anything groundbreaking. The law of diminishing returns applies to desktop OSes as well.

There seems to be quite a few show-stopper bugs with ICS; more than I think should really be accepted from a flagship product. Of course, what do I know. I'm still running XP.

Yeah, I have been upgrading every 3 to 6 months recently, mostly because you have to buy a new phone to get an Android update, which is why I wanted the Nexus. I've been developing for these phones to fund these quick upgrades.

Hardware is important to me, but software more so (obviously, I did switch to a technically inferior phone after all :P). Having a stable version of the latest and greatest Android build would have trumped any hardware advantage the Galaxy S II may have had. And even though the Galaxy S II had a slightly better chipset and camera, it had an inferior screen in my opinion, so I didn't really consider it better from a hardware standpoint either.

I don't see myself returning to Android unless a new Nexus comes out and I can get it at a reasonable price on launch day. I don't like buying phones that have been out for 6 months already and I probably won't buy another phone that has to wait 6 months to a year to get an update. After almost 9 months with my Infuse, it still hasn't received a Gingerbread update, let alone Ice Cream Sandwich. And I don't expect the AT&T Galaxy S II I'm selling to get Ice Cream Sandwich officially for another 6 months, if it's lucky (probably more like 9).

HTC phones may not change much in design, but they are built well, much better than a samsung, maybe on par with a motorola without the annoying locked and encrypted bootloaders, for me while I probably would purchase a samsung, the nexus for example if I had an upgrade option now, but as far as manufacturers are concerned generally, all things being equal I would always choose HTC as my preferred Android manufacturer.

In reality no matter what changes the may add it all turns out the same a basically black slab and honestly that's fine by me, especially since my phones are always covered by a case.

don't get me wrong. i have a launch day OG EVO 4G that has always run flawlessly and is built like a tank. however - that phone was released in mid 2010. it's 2012 and HTC needs to step up their game and stop spitting out the same EVO variants 2 years later. the evidence is in their recent sales numbers.

Taste is subjective. Personally, the Galaxy Nexus just doesn't do it for me design-wise. I don't know who made the background that we always see on the GNex, but it's supremely horrible and I am continually amazed that it's still being used on Google's flagship product. Blech.

Nice phone the titan, I'm an Android lover really, but for my work I use a Samsung Focus and I have to say if you really don't need a lot of flexibility and only need a phone to surf the web, post to facebook, twitter, read email, open the occasional document and make calls or texts, check calender events etc and don't need a huge app library, WP7's biggest weakness admittedly, that and the fact that the apps that do exist are expensive, a Windows Phone can be perfect for casual users who just want something extremely easy to use, I'd say it's even easier to use than the iPhone, it's a good choice.

This basically describes a business users sans the facebook/twitter posting. Windows Phone is perfect for business imho, the battery lasts forever compared to any Android phone out there, and all of those tasks seem to take fewer clicks on an Windows Phone and are available instantly.

For my personal phone I would never leave the flexibility and superior functions of Android. Even though Windows Phone hasn't really caught on yet, if it's given a chance I could see it finally killing off RIM, which would be a mercy killing at this point :)

I've seen the phones and other than the home screen, I actually like Metro. The home screen is ugly though.

All that aside, my life is in the Google cloud (calendar, mail, contacts, music, docs). How hard is it to keep things in sync? I really have no interest or desire in moving it all to the MS/Bing world.

below are some very interesting comments on WP7 and some lessons on smartphone UI design. i agree 100%. i very much dislike the WP7 "Metro" UI and this encapsulates why -

A recent unlocking of the WP7S emulator provides many many screens (perhaps all the screens in WP7S) that reinforce my concerns about low content resolution, flatness, and hierarchy. The typography is loose and over-produced, with big blimpy titles burning up content real-estate. The titling typography does not serve user needs or activities. Instead it is about its designer self, and looks like signage on the walls of a fashionable building. Good screen design for information/communication devices is all about the user and should be endlessly self-effacing. It is much more difficult to be user-friendly undesigny than designer-friendly designy.


The key thing that Windows Phone is missing is information density.

Sounds like an over-analyzation. I spent the past year and a half telling people why Windows Phone was inferior to Android. I even played with Windows Phone on multiple occasions in AT&T stores and still wasn't interested. Then curiosity finally got the best of me and I bought one to try for real. Well, like I said a few posts up, my Android phones are on Craigslist. If the Galaxy Nexus was available to me at a reasonable price I might have stayed in the Android camp, but it wasn't.

Cause every screen is just one giant rectangle with a large text font. In wacky colors... They've managed to design an OS for the elderly and meth addicts alike! First in the world! Personally, I'd sooner have an iPhone. At least Steve knew that he could fit more than two items on the screen at a time, Lol.

Common misconception. Windows Phone's interface is just so clean and well laid out that it looks like there isn't much on the screen, but comparing mine side by side to my Android phone I can pretty much always see the same amount of information on the screen.

Don't wear yourself out defending Windows Phone. It's elegant and beautiful but it certainly isn't going to appeal to Android folks who like red flaming letters as their fonts.

Windows Phone lets you use a Google account to sync calendar, mail, and contacts and you definitely won't miss Google Docs with Microsoft Office for Windows Phone and its cloud services. Not sure about Google Music though.

I never liked Google Docs, and the SkyDrive MS Office Web Apps are superior in every way.

I DO miss Latitude, GChat, and GMaps, though.

Really though, how is it switching from Google to Bing? I can't imagine myself ever fully switching over to WP7, but I am considering picking up an old WP on the cheap, since the hardware hasn't really changed in the last year+. (T-mobile)

I realized that Android's innovation keeps me interested, but it's Google's apps that cause me to stay. They're just so good.....

Bing is okay. Rarely do I find myself in a situation where I miss Google search. I do remember a handful of times where I thought the search results were ridiculous but I can't remember exact scenarios. On the whole I actually like Bing and how it's integrated with the device.

Image search is kind of a bummer because it's set to super "safe search" and there's no way to change that, but otherwise the results are good. Bing Music works very well and is faster than Shazam.

When I'm out with friends and have the urge to search for something or look up a definition etc, I get a big kick out of telling everyone that I'll "Bing it." They usually roll their eyes. It's fun.

You don't have to move anything. I used my google id and it synced my calendar,contacts and email just like that. As far as music, imo Zune is a way better experience.

It's not just you. Though some people prefer the soft touch back of the new Titan to the aluminum of the original.

The Titan and SGII are more comparable then the Nexus and the Titan ... if all people are looking at is the camera and how thin/thick it is ... GNex has a 5mp and the Titan has a 16mp. Absolutely no comparison talked about as far as between Android 4.0 and WP7 .. this would be the difference between these two handsets. It's kind of a useless article.

The VERY BEST that Windows Phone 7 has to offer, in both the HTC Titan II and the (not yet released) Nokia Lumia 900, are AT LEAST a year behind Android in technology! Single core CPU? REALLY? The WP7 apologists keep insisting that is all that is needed, but as the article states, the CPU is limiting the video recording resolution! By the time the Nokia hits, there will be QUAD core Android phones! The displays on these phones are pretty sorry too, resolution wise. If you think the Galaxy Nexus is going to be the only phone with a 720p resolution, think again! This is going to be the new standard, and it will be AT LEAST fall by the time WP7 phones catch up!

Add to this the fact that interest in WP7 phones is low, and slipping...Sprint just said something about Microsoft needing to do SOMETHING to push interest in the platform before they would jump into offing new WP7 devices..and Verizon isnt exactly jumping to offer WP7 phones either! There is NO REASON for a carrier to support the platform, and that is really the last nail in the coffin for the whole shebang...if Microsoft can't convince the carriers to offer their platform, it really is GAME OVER!

More caps will make your argument better, but I'm definitely switching back to Android now for that 1080p recording and so I can see more pixels under a magnifying glass.

The proof is in the pudding. WP7's marketshare is tiny and stagnant. The market has spoken. MS was too late to the game. Their mobile division is hemorrhaging money. It's a two horse race at the moment, until someone comes up with the next game-changing product, like Apple did in 2007. MS should be aiming for that.

Wow...I'm an Android enthusiast and even I can see the gaping holes in this argument. WP7's marketshare is tiny and growing...not unlike the Windows 2.0 marketshare...or the Windows 3.1 marketshare compared to Macintosh. Their mobile division is "hemorrhaging" money...and will be able to continue to do so for many years down the line. Microsoft has deep pockets, and they are king of the second act in tech. It's actually a four horse race with Android and iOS far ahead of the pack. Blackberry has a dwindling but devoted following, and WP7 has a promising and growing one. Look, they're not a major competitor right now, but we all benefit from a strong third horse. Notice how ICS's People looks a lot like Metro? Smart design is smart design. As for being behind the technology specs curve, I agree. But then, I'm a tech enthusiast. Most people don't care, and 720p is plenty for them. Not for me, but I'm not going to rain on their parade.

Believe it or not, Microsoft has come up with a game-changing product. Android has already started implementing some of the best ideas from it, and that's great. As an Android enthusiast, I directly benefit from Microsoft's innovations. I think the Titan II looks like a great bit of tech. I don't think it's for me, but they don't have to lose for me to win.

I'd love for Microsoft to be more flexible on screen resolutions, because I see 720p being the standard going forward, and I would be willing to bet they will. Microsoft is almost always late to the party, but they are able to leverage some amazing assets to pull off some true innovation. I'm team Android, but I think WP7 is great stuff.

Nothing you said contradicted my post.

Markets tend to only reward a couple big players and the rest fight for the crumbs. That is what you are seeing with iOS and Android. That ground becomes exceedingly hard to make up once the market enters this stage, especially when the product you offer doesn't have any thing new to offer. Had WP7 emerged right after the ascendence of iOS, then it might be a different story. However, Microsoft is too late for this round of innovation. That's my opinion and I will refrain from pulling out "I told you so" in two year's time when WP7 has gained no real traction in the market.

By the way, you are also wrong about MS having good second acts. This simply isn't true. They've won some markets by pure attrition, not because they have the better product. Apple can claim the second-act crown with their post-iPod performance with Jobs at the helm.

Actually most of what I said contradicted your post...although I was looking at the response above yours, not you, Scott. The original claim was that Microsoft is too late. Microsoft was "too late" with IE when the market was really divided among three different browsers. Microsoft was "too late" when Apple came out with the II, Macintosh, and then the march of the personal computers (TI 99/4A, Commodore 64, Adam, Amiga, etc.). Microsoft was "too late" with office software when it competed against WordPerfect (the real innovator in WYSIWYG), Wordstar (the innovator behind block commands), PFS Write (the innovator of user simplicity) and a plethora of other word processors, spreadsheets, databases, etc. Even Windows didn't really have traction until Windows 95...the fourth iteration of that software (not including NT). They were also much "too late" to the gaming console business. Problem is they've had success (and often dominance) in each of these markets. You say it was "pure attrition." It's called competition, and they won because they made products people wanted to buy. If you think they're "great" or not is subjective. They were undoubtedly popular.

Look, I happily concede that Steve Jobs gave Apple a great second act. He saved a company that was doomed. But Microsoft has almost never been first to market. It's been late to every party it has attended. But to say they are DOA because the market has moved on is far too short sighted. You're talking about a market that (if you date it from the iPhone) is five years old. Of course that discounts Windows Mobile and Palm. Still, this is a market that is very new. Microsoft is in about the same position they usually are.

Please stop. You're making us Android lovers look bad.........

And what's up with the caps? It makes you look like your 14.

Wow fanboyism to a is...thats sad. Listen I'm glad your happy charging your phone every three hours, and having laggy screens but I dont. I'd rather have good battery life and speed and an is that just works the 400000 apps half of them are crap. Wp7 lacks apps I'll agree but open your brain and try something before you run your mouth with stupid fanboyism.

Well, my Galaxy Nexus gets between 10-16 hours of battery life even using network apps on an LTE network where until now WP7 hasn't had anything to be judged against. It is not Android that is the power suck but the really fast LTE network that causes the drain on a lot of phones. If you don't use your phone for anything sans calls .. I'm really sure you can get 2-3-4 days out of but even my 3GS iPhone drained pretty damn fast when using network apps .. it's the nature of the beast and it's worse with LTE. Just wait until the iPhone5 is released NEXT fall and wait for WP7 LTE phones to be released and compared before you talk a lot of crap. And half the apps on iTunes are crap as are the ones on the WP7 store .. this is also the nature of the beast. So again .. not trying be a "fanboi" but have to say you are wrong.

Just to note .. without using my phone at all .. just letting it sit there .. it gets 29 hours from 100% to 0 as far as battery. I thought I'd try and see what the GNex would do. But not to use something I pay quite a bit of money for and continue to pay for monthly for services ... it's just flat out stupid. I can plug my phone in and VZW had a sale on batteries ($20 for a stock 1800mAh) so I can take the two extras I bought with me anywhere an OMG they fit on the inside pocket of my jacket .. it's SO wrong to not notice those tiny things in my pocket.


Exactly. With light use I get over 24 hours routinely on my SGS2. My record is 36 hours. That's with 4G/Wi-Fi and full sync on and a couple hours of screen on time.

I asked my friend who has a Samsung WP7 phone how much battery life he gets. He said about 15-20 hours. So, it looks like that stat is pretty much a wash.

Everyone brings up that argument about apps, but even if it were true, we'd still have 170000 quality apps over your 30000. I don't see why some people argue about apps at all. IOS has more apps than android, and you don't really see people bringing up that argument now. Why? They realize that 1. It's not true, and/or 2. They stopped caring. All that matters is that you can find quality apps that you like. After that, who cares.

Bingo. I have 149 apps on my phone right now, and about 400 in my total library available for me. The apps race means practically nothing if you've got the ones you want. Honestly I end up using about 30 apps regularly. The gaping hole for WP7 (for me) is Audible which has been promised for well over a year. If/when that comes, then I think it would be a viable platform for me. When the hardware can support 1080p video recording, I might consider a WP. I'm a fan of Android, but I'm not a cultist.

Using both a SGII and a Titan on a daily basis I think I can honestly say that if I had to give up one or the other, the SG II would be the one to go. If you use a phone to really USE a phone, nothing compares to WP7 for efficiency. If you use a phone to play games and see how many dumbass apps you can stuff on it like my kids is your os.

Yeah....having app choice is a liability. Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that.

"In further news, zifnab reports that female breasts are 'overrated' and just simply 'get in the way when you go to hug them'."

Having both is great, though. My GF has the Epic 4G Touch and I have the HTC Arrive (WP7). For daily tasks like phone calls, email, calendar management, social networking, and taking/sharing pictures, WP7 is awesome.

However, when it comes to finding a third-party app with useful functionality, Android kills WP7. Personal anecdote: one of the first nights that it got cold this winter, someone's car horn shorted out and was stuck on for several hours. Calls to 311 went unanswered, but my city has a 311 app for iOS and Android that was super simple to use: in five minutes I went from searching for this app in the Android Market to submitting a ticket using my GF's Epic 4G Touch. Never could've done that on my WP7 device. There are a lot of other examples I could talk about too. WP7 just doesn't have the apps at the moment, and it also doesn't have real multitasking. Hopefully that will change.

Another huge caveat is that Bing Maps sucks, especially when compared to Google Maps for Android. Google Navigation is also much better than the alternatives for WP7 (cheaper too), but that may change when Nokia launches the 900 with Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

All in all, if my GF were to give up her Android phone, I'd still stick with WP7 because it's so easy to be productive on it. The app situation does suck but for everything else it beats Android hands-down. Thankfully, the app situation could change.

Now we know the mentality of the 7%.

I have a childhood friend that grew up with a domineering mother. We all knew that when he started dating that he was going to gravitate towards women that would boss him around. Sure enough, his wife is a total bitch. But you know what? That's ok. Whatever floats his boat. He feels comfortable being told what to do, where to go, who to talk to etc. It would drive me insane but I'm not the one that has to live with the psychotic woman.

Mobile OSes are the same. Some people feel more comfortable in a walled garden environment. It suits them like a cozy womb which restricts movement while providing warmth and security. The WP7 and iOS fanboys obviously like having limited options. It gives them less to think about. Personally, I couldn't stand it. I like freedom, and based on Android's success so do most people.

Yeah, you're projecting just a little bit. Take your ten-cent analysis and throw it in the trash.

why do you guys never report about all the screen problems the Galaxy Nexus has?
- blueish or yellowish tint (there is no white!)
- Some weird pattern when on low brightness
- inferior maximum brightness
- stripes
- color differences across the screen (looks like gradient when it should be solid
- green stripes an the screen borders
- not 100% blacks
not all units have all of this - you milage will vary. I have seen 6 units - none of them had less then 4 of those issues. The Forums are full of those. Aks retailers in europe how many units they already swapped!

Some of this is just an effect of a pentile matrix but much is also either bad quality control or Samsung just ignoring faults to bring the yields up on a technology thats not ready for showtime yet

but all the Android sites write how amazing the screen is, did you:
- get a handpicked test unit from samsung?
- a very good treatment from Samsung?
- a "it has to be good because its a nexus" brainwash?
Sorry guys, i smell a rat

I'm sure those things seem obvious to you, but you should admit that you have very discerning eyes. The average consumer doesn't notice the things you described.