Android on Samsung R360 Freeform II

Never mind that this appears to be Android 1.6 on a Samsung feature messenger. It's that the accessory description reads like it was written by the folks at Trojan that has us cracking up. Yes, we're 12-year-old boys.

Oh, by the way, Jerry, I believe you're up for this review. Thanks, Patrick!

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darkmax says:

I don't get it

benthe1 says:

Let me guess... You're a virgin.

darkmax says:

not at all. Married and have a 6 year old.

perhaps I didn't read it properly. Or the joke is too... vague.

Jonneh says:

It is really vague. About 90% of people would never think of condoms or dicks when reading the sentence "The perfect fit for your phone's protection", to be honest. I think "the perfect fit" is the most vague (that no one would really relay to condoms) and, "for your phone's protection" is the main part that is probably causing the 10 people here to see a relation to condoms - but even that is pretty vague and unrelatable (not a word I guess) in my opinion.

I'm all for staying a kid sometimes - life really needs its fun moments - but I would never have made a correlation between this sentence and a condom joke, and I'm a 21 year old male. I think it's strange to be posted as an article, but, this is pretty rare, at least.

ls377 says:

Helps protect your phone from textually transmitted diseases...

Sorry, couldn't help myself :)

Jesse Potter says:

I was about to say the same exact thing. Nicely done.

Wtf? Lol wayyy too much free time guys

goliath602 says:

Haha, FAIL!!

atomicdog21 says:

Still more newsworthy than the other SME sites.

kpr101 says:

Lol, very 12 yr. old boyish that's why its funny. I thought the samething.

caliesv says:

Lmfao @benthe1!

tim6253 says:

What a stupid article to post. Way to go Phil. Gives this site such great justice as a worthy site for news. Indeed, very 12 year oldish...just like deleting comments because they are gay in nature. I can just hear you name calling, like a 12 year old. What protects us from you?

Evo2DroidX says:

Haha that's awesome!

WoodhavenBoy says:

I was the one who submitted this article. The point is, its a dumbphone Samsung Freeform II for MetroPCS with the mockup showing it running Android, when it really is a dumbphone that is BREW based. That was the whole point of this. Not a condom joke.

Jonneh says:

Oh, that makes more sense then...not sure why they decided to put their own spin on it, but, in the end it's their site, of course, lol.