Real KeyboardReal Keyboard

We have previously seen Bluetooth keyboards paired with rooted devices, and all of that fun hackery, but this time we have a very simple, straightforward solution that can be used on a stock Android device. Share Keyboard is an application that will allow users to use their computer keyboard to type notes, emails, or any other messages for their Android device right from their computer.

The way this works is after a user sets Share Keyboard as their input method, they are then given a URL at the bottom of the screen, which they visit from a computer. After visiting this from a computer they are then able to type, and watch it all appear on their Android screen after they have finished typing and clicked the send to phone. Additionally, if you found yourself in the middle of an e-mail that got longer then expected, you can pull the text from the phone, sync it to the website, finish the message and sync back to the phone for easy sending. For those who want an easy solution, without the need for root and flashing custom ROM's on your device, this application is definitely a great way to achieve easy typing on your Android device. [Android Zoom via Android Central Forums]