Silence is golden, duct tape is... orange, apparently, and the mute button is white.

Enough is enough sometimes — here's how to mute threads on Google+

QUIET! Class is starting. Google+ is a wonderful place of conversations. But unlike real conversations, when you get bored, you can't just walk away. That's what the mute button is there is for. It lets you get out of a conversation and the flood of notifications an active post can bring. You can also use the mute button on individual people, which we genuinely hope Google is working on bringing to real-world conversations. Muting is also a handy thing for posts that disgust/horrify/enrage or otherwise evoke an emotional response you don't need to see more than once.

So let's talk about shutting things up.

muting a post (on mobile)

Whether it's just in poor taste, or it's just gone one forever, the mute button is the savior for many a user. And on mobile it's almost as easy to use as on the desktop. To mute a post, you first must click on the post in question. Then you click the overflow button in the top-right corner and select mute. You can also report posts here, should you feel you need to do so — it's sadly becoming more and more common as more people and thus more bots adopt the platform.

A muted post in the notification page (on desktop) You can find your way back, if you need/want to.

Once you mute a post, you no longer will see it after you reload your home page. And if you had been getting notifications from it (like from a long and out-of-control conversation), then you will no longer receive notifications from it until you go into your previously read notifications and un-mute it. You will also still see the post on the poster's profile page.

Here's an image we hope you'll never see.

Muting a person works in much the same manner as muting a post. On their profile page, you'll hit the suttings button, and there's a Mute button right there, along with another report button. But we'd never want to mute Android Central, right? Right!

And now that you know how to mute, what posts do you foresee using it the most on?