LG VS740

Everybody and their mother's raiding Verizon's pantry of late, this time with the LG VS740 making an appearance. Phone Arena says (and we agree) that this looks to be the LG Aloha -- aka the LG C710 -- and that it should sport a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camera and 720p video playback (which is quickly appearing on more and more new phones these days). It's now rumored to launch in the second quarter, which is ... anytime now. [Phone Arena]


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Verizon internals show VS740, looks like the LG Aloha Android phone


This is dangerously close to looking like the Android phone I've been waiting for. I really like the Droid's screen resolution, but I find the keyboard unusable. Then again, part of my problem with the keyboard is the pad on the right, and this phone has pretty much the same thing. I'll have to try it out first I guess.

Why doesn't HTC make something like the Tilt 2 running Android for Verizon?