Samsung SideSync

Galaxy Note 3 mentioned several times in support docs

There's little doubt that we'll see the Galaxy Note 3 in little less than a month at IFA in Berlin, and it looks like Samsung's already getting its ducks in a row for some of the features that will be on board.

Eagle-eyed AC reader Casey spotted a few mentions of the Note 3 (or the Note III, if you're into Roman numerals) in the documentation for SideSync, which connects your phone to a computer and uses it as a second screen. Looks like it'll come preloaded on the next version of the oversized smartphone, and everyone else will be left to downloading it on their own. 

Source: Samsung; Thanks, Casey!

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Peter182x says:

Samsung SideSync instructions out oversized phone we know is coming anyway.

It's a leak about the Note 3. But obviously that is no surprise. We know it's going to happen.

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return_0 says:

What's the "wat" for? It's perfectly proper grammar.

Chiplg says:

I think the use of the word "out" as a verb seemed confusing. The first four words sound like a complete sentence. Not to mention how awkward the first two words sound. Say Samsung SideSync several times.

It never was a doubt the Galaxy Note 3 was on the way. Plain and simple it's the features that will make the Note 3 an industry leading handset. That's nothing new at all for the Note family devices.

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mcgowan398 says:

Isn't there supposed to be a Note 12 tablet? or something? A rumor I heard a while ago.


irule9000 says:

I have the note 2 and it perfectly fine. I dont see why they need to release the note 3, especially at an even bigger size. Though, I found a solution to the note's giant size. I only take it out to watch movie, play games, or answer long emails. Other than that I just use a smart watch. Im looking forward to recieving it, its called the kreyos meteor

NovaWiz says:

Given what Samsung done with S3->S4, Note 3 will probably be the same size as Note 2 but have a larger screen due to aggressive bezel trimming. The leaks of 5.7" screen seem to fix this design language.

NoNexus says:

They have to do an update every year for the good phones for us junkies. I am looking forward to seeing what the note 3 has to offer

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Techngro says:

I never understand people who make comments like this. Why would you want Samsung to just continue with the same product forever? Is that what you would do if you owned a company? Just stand pat?

I never get upset with a company that wants to push the envelope a little farther or give the consumer more options. You like your Note II, it's the perfect size for you. Great. But there are plenty of people who are excited about an even bigger Note III with a 1080p screen and upgraded internals (faster proc, more RAM, etc.) and more features (like the above mentioned SideSync). It's pretty much the most anticipated phone of the year.

I wouldn't worry to much about people who cry about forward progress in technology. They have a choice either keep up or step to the left. Apple has yearly iphones and ipad devices why shouldn't Samsung have yearly Note family devices??

It's stupid for them not to refresh there industry leading products. People are basically clueless.

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Relikk356 says:

Well, as long ad you're happy. I'll let the Samsung execs know. They'll cancel that Note 3. Any other electronics you're Happy with?Can we cancel the xbox1 and ps4?

garciaop says:

i tough by now we shoulded have lots of leaks by now , i barely hear about the note 3 , am very exited waiting for it the only reaoson is that my 16 gigs galaxy note with sprint is full so i am hoping this time we get the 32 or am jumping to another carrier

NoNexus says:

Jumping carriers might not help. I am guessing that it will be 16 with a sd card slot. With Samsung doing apps2sd that should be fine

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rampage1979 says:

Problem is the apps don't allow the full transfer to the SD card so 16gb internal even with SD card is not enough. It needs to be pushed to 32gb with an SD card support.

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NoNexus says:

I agree with you 100% but for now this is what we have to work with. I am guessing it will be next year that 32 is a standard instead of 16. I do hope the note is though since I am stuck with it for a year, if that is they one I get.

tgrant1975 says:

That is so true I have a 16gb s4 with a 64gb sd card and I still get notifications about my device memory being full. I love the s4 but wish I had the option to purchase a 32gb model at the time I purchased it from Verizon.

xderiwx says:

Any issues using your 64gb in the S4, as far as formatting? I remember reading something about the 64gb ones having some issues, but I may be mistaken. It could be an issue only when flashing an AOSP based rom? Thanks!

SlimJ87D says:

Any words or rumors on a Galaxy Note 2 10.1 coming out anytime soon?

TenshiNo says:

What I got out of this was that there was an awesome app letting you use your keyboard/mouse from your PC on your phone. Then, I read the Samsung page on it. Only works if you have a Samsung smart phone *AND* a Samsung PC.

Shame on you, Samsung. I love my Note 2, and this app would have been cool, but I'm *not* going to buy a new friggin computer just to use it. I'm just going to be irritated at you for pulling this kind of crap.