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The fine folks at BlendTec have continued their fine heritage of appliance-based science by seeing whether or not the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5 are able to survive industrial-strength spinning blades. The short answer is no, neither of them can withstand BlendTec's whirling wrath, but as you can see from the video below, the Galaxy S3 manages to stay mostly in one piece longer than the iPhone 5. Some other decidedly more practical (though less scientific) toughness tests have show that the SGS3 doesn't fare quite as well against the iPhone 5 in drop tests

I was actually in a live Q&A with the Blendtec CEO a few weeks ago specifically to ask if they were going to do an episode for the iPhone 5. He had said then that the actor was all booked up, and they wouldn't bother doing one if they couldn't do it shortly after Apple's launch day. It's great to see they went ahead and did a video anyway and included the SGS3 for comparison. While I think it's safe to say that "Will it Blend?" has become a badge of honor for many gadgets, it is a little sad to see all of that hard work by factory employees disappear in a puff of toxic black smoke. 

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Samsung Galaxy S3 lasts slightly longer in blender than iPhone 5


Hmmm I wonder if that black cloud when he opens up the blenders is good for you.

Sllow motion is awesome though

This is a terrible terrible human being ...

I want him to through a Nokia 3310 in that blender and see how many million pieces it smashes into.

ALSO, "Cheap plastic phone" lasted longer than "Glass phone" ... shocking.

I worked for AT&T in the early years, back before they became cingular. I had sold a gentleman a 3310. He walks in a day later and the phone looked utterly destroyed. He had forgotten it on the back of his motorcycle, it had bounced off onto the freeway, hit the front bumper of 3 cars before it ended up slamming into the front of the semi. I took the case off, put on another OEM case we had and the phone was fine. Unfortunately the damage to the 3 cars and semi was extensive.

All that's true, except for the damage to the 3 cars and semi.

I don't know about cheap plastic. The Iphone5 is not made of all glass either. I think the real reason why the GS3 was so stubborn to blend was the strong flexible back cover and the removable battery. Try it with a HTC ONE X and i bet it wont last long, Even with its topnotch built quality (as people believe not that you said so) it will blend and the GS3 will survive. I'll take My Sammy phones any day. Just not blended.

" is a little sad to see all of that hard work by factory employees disappear in a puff of toxic black smoke."

I'd be willing to bet that after a 12 hour shift in the Foxconn factory doing repetitive monotonous manual labor (for very little pay), those workers would LOVE to see this video.

1) That dude is a actor?!?! You just killed the illusion.

2) LOL @ "That smells like Jelly Beans"

3) If you look closely, that was the Sprint version of the Galaxy S3. That probably slowed down the blades. (Sprint's network slows everything down.) ;)

3) If you look closely, that was the Sprint version of the Galaxy S3. That probably slowed down the blades. (Sprint's network slows everything down.) ;)


wait.... the guy said it smelled like jelly beans...

did the smell come from the Galaxy S3? was it already updated to Jelly Bean?

it would be pretty funny if the iPhone smelled like Jelly Beans, no?

by the way, I want a phone case that can protect the phone inside a BlendTec blender.
Where can I find one?

So the "cheap plastic" on the GSIII lasted longer than the iPhone's revolutionary aluminium?!?! I wonder if Apple is gonna start forming a lawsuit against Blendtec for showing the world that the iPhone 5 new metal processing method just didn't cut it...pun intended!

I think some of you are neglecting that the point of these videos is to demonstrate the technology of the blender, and that one of those blenders costs more than either of these phones. This isn't simply entertainment, it's marketing.

sadly, this is the most worthless test of a phones real world toughness, but what's even more sadlier, is this is the most controlled real world toughness test I've seen.

im sure chefs across the civilized world are picking up a gs3 after this....will have a few seconds before total destruction in case the phone slips and lands in a blender....

Because they can. lol If I had the money to do things like this to use for marketing of my product in a comical way and make millions, I would. Shoot we all would.

I was stupid and bought an iPhone 5. By the first Monday after launch day' there was 2 very obvious chips in the aluminum bezel. I don't know why people think that a phone made from very fragile aluminum and best of all GLASS, is durable. The iPhone 5 is a beautiful design, but very fragile.