We can all stipulate that holding up your phone at a wedding like that is kind of a douche move, right? Could be worse, though -- they could all be carrying annoying safety day-glo nuclear green phones or something.

And you gotta love the "Do not attempt" fine print.

Meanwhile, Android activated another thousand devices in the time it took you to watch that commercial. 

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Chris Nacca says:

I just had to LOL at this , it is quite funny

richardpandy says:

Agreed. Bit different then most but liked it.

I thought it sucked. It basically just advertised for both Android and iPhone. "Only boring people buy Windows Phone." Is what I got out of it. Lol

jscarano says:


Channan says:

Weirdos. :P

I thought the commercial was hilarious. I actually chuckled.

I liked the commercial a lot actually. Found it very entertaining.

xHunt3r says:

While entertaining, like the original windows phone commercial where people are playing more attention to their phone then whats going on around them, it don't think it gets anyone to want to buy a Windows Phonee

I'm not sure you actually understand the point of ads then. Next time you watch TV and a commercial comes on, watch how many of them "focus on the features" as opposed to just being entertaining/memorable.

Ads don't get you to buy things. They get you curious about them. But hey, if you're the type of person who is convinced to buy something in a 30 second ad, then hey...all the power to you.

StevesBalls says:

And you really think anybody is curious about a Windows Phone after this ad? Did you read the comments? This is your target audience, people that don't have Windows Phone. And after this commercial, still not a single person cares.

still1 says:

so only butler's use Lumia? lol

lightofhonor says:

Switch to Windows... because no one cares?

Windows Phone has massively failed.

That's both of the worlds Lumia owners in the same room at the same time? Shouldn't they travel separately etc..?

That's classic!

return_0 says:

Blatant exaggeration and bias against Windows Phone. There are obviously three Lumia 920 users in the world. Plus one HTC 8X user. :P

brendilon says:

How is this supposed to make anyone want to switch?

RustyU says:

That was retarded. Kinda funny, but still retarded.

Ironically, that is what Engadget's commenters are like. So much pathetic hate between the two sides. Makes it not even worth reading.

So, good ad.

Have to say, I still don't want a Windows phone, though.

ummm... not just Engadget... any tech site has the two sides split and bickering.

Unless you are on a website that is exclusive to one side... such as "Android Central"

So true. But the ad referred specifically to Engadget, that's why I mentioned it.

jaymars says:

Still two sides bickering...Samsung vs. HTC :P

Neo42 says:

It's funny, but to me this ad says "Why choose between the best two options when you can just choose us?"

toddjy says:

That was my take on the ad also.

The only thing Windows phones have that the other phones don't is a dedicated button for taking photos without having to swipe to unlock, find the camera app, now I can take a picture.

tx_tuff says:

Doesn't make me want to switch but was funny!

pappy53 says:

I can say that after trying WP8, that is the fastest and smoothest OS on the market. It just needs more apps.

I would have to agree on this point. It is very smooth indeed.
The problem is, it just doesn't do anything for me. The LAF of everything is _too_ consistent and boring (my opinion!).

(EDIT: I -> The)

spielnicht says:

Of course it's fast, take away half of Android's features to match WP8 and you'll see it fly too.

pappy53 says:

You don't have a clue, do you? How many things can Android do that WP8 can't do? And btw, I am an Android person, but not a fanboy. I like all platforms, as they all have their good points.

Robbzilla says:

Did MS ever institute copy/paste? (snicker)

Seriously: How about put an icon on the screen?

Or a widget?

No? Oh yeah, you get those Panes. Metro windows, tiles, or whatever you call them. Whoo.

Or how about this: Make it look like something other than a mess of tiles designed by an artistically challenged 3 year old?

Or how about the most important feature(s) of Android? Rooting and customs ROMs?

WP8 is just Apple without the app selection, as far as I'm concerned. Until it's an open system, count me out.

pappy53 says:

"Did MS ever institute copy/paste?"-- Absolutely.

"Seriously: How about put an icon on the screen?

Or a widget?

No? Oh yeah, you get those Panes. Metro windows, tiles, or whatever you call them."--- Those tiles serve the same purpose as an icon or widget.

"Or how about the most important feature(s) of Android? Rooting and customs ROMs?"-- Probably over 90% of Android users do not root, so it's pretty much a moot point for the masses.

toddjy says:

Widgets? You want widgets on Windows 8 phones? Isn't it nothing but widgets?

Apple just took the desktop icon and put it on a phone. Android added widgets. Windows went all the way and dropped the icons.

Incubus123 says:

It is the smoothest, but not by far, and in most cases it's actually slower because of it's animations.

pappy53 says:

Slower in most cases? Not.

bergeronjc says:

How could it possibly be smartphone of the year? The ONLY cool thing about the phone is City Lens.

bplewis24 says:

Search "karate"...."KARATE!"

bangishotyou says:

I'm just going to say it. That commercial is hilarious. "You mean the enormously awesome Galaxy?" [bump] "Autocorrect this!" [punch to face] "Is there an app for that?!"

I also took two things away from watching it.

1. Android users can kick some serious a$$ in a fight.

2. Android users are both wittier and more sarcastic than their Apple using counterparts.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to walk around the office saying, "Weee!" for the rest of the day while grinning happily.

xeroslash says:

"We can all stipulate that holding up your phone at a wedding like that is kind of a douche move, right?"

A phone is very minor compared to the douches that bring their F#$%ING IPAD and stand in the aisle to take a picture.

I've seen it way too many times and I just realized I've been to an insane number of weddings in the last few years.

Robbzilla says:

I was press-ganged into taking wedding pics for a friend whose photographer didn't make it (Bad car wreck at the worst time possible), since I brought my DSLR. I was annoyed by having to move around the people using their phones to take shots. I mean, seriously? Shoo!

Mayoo614 says:

Oh my sides. You could have put any phone at any place and it would have been the same.

The only thing I end-up wanting after this ad, is a real camera.

brendilon says:

No joke.

deadlock4400 says:

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the funny post.

It's really a very funny and awesome post where Windows, Android and iOS are there in special event with a special effect.

Thanks in Advance

illdini says:

I don't really have a problem with people holding up their phones (after all, most people use their phone as their primary camera).

It's the iPad/tablet people that irritate me, because those devices tend to block views.

Lanhoj says:

If people knew about the Lumia (or WP) then maybe...but almost nobody knows about it other than "Oh a Windows Phone, don't they have even less Apps than Blackberry, right?".

At least Microsoft makes a good profit from Android devices.

cckgz4 says:

Less apps than Blackberry?? LMAO.

litlprince says:

Would have been even funnier if they showed some 90 year old man cowering in the corner with his blackberry in hand...

Alex1x says:

Awesome!LOL. Can't wait for Microsoft to make another commercial, this time I want it to be about Note3 vs mysterious Xphone, I'm debating which I might get, while the butlers can document my decision. LoL.

So Engadget thinks Nokia is the best smartphone of the year? Really?

Ant34 says:

Engadget readers think it is the best.

brendilon says:

That's what you call "trolling".

moises1204 says:

hahaha its so funny that everyone still don't acknowledge the windows phones!!pretty funny video though.

I don't care about the flame war, or the really bad comedy in this ad... But how does it promote windows phone or the Lumia? Buy the Lumia if you work in the catering the industry? Smartphone of the year from 1 source that isn't that credible...

aitt says:

V3.co.uk - Top Smartphone
Gizmodo Australia - Best Mobile Phone of 2012, Readers Choice Award
International Forum Design, Germany - iF Award for Outstanding Design
Mobile Magazine, Denmark - Mobil Award for Best Smartphone Design
The Next Web - Best Smartphones of 2012
Mobil, Sweden - Top Score Award
CNET - The Best High End Smartphones
Arstechnic - Best Productivity Phone, Best Camera Phone, Best Mapping Phone
Mashable - Top 25 Tech of 2012
Mybroadband, South Africa - Top Smartphone of the Year
BGR - Best AT&T Smartphone

Lumia had a great 2012 year. When the EOS and Catwalk are debut for 2013, it's gonna be a greater 2013 for them.

Lurking_Grue says:

Go for windows phone! It recently just got Pandora!

Funny commercial....but only necessary because WP really bring barely more than nothing to the party.

If Microsoft had a great feature to highlight in their ads.....they would. But they don't, so we get misdirection.

wickedcontra says:

I saw that android won.

rotkiv3451 says:

I simply LOVED the commercial. It is probably one of the best I've ever seen! I still want the X phone or Nexus 5, though.

Awake says:

This is marketing gone too far, a trimmed down version (without the VIOLENCE) of the commercial would have been better.

P8TRIOT says:

100% this^^^...Though I didn't find the violence offensive in the way you may have meant, I found it so over-the-top as to be annoying. The dialogue was brilliant and smart....The point of the over-the-top fighting was not lost on me it only made me think to myself wow Micrsoft could have had a good thing in this ad yet the shot it to hell with their annoying over the top stunts...reminded me of the smugness of the Hello i'm a mac and i'm a PC shtick. Could have been great espcecially the "Excuse me would you mind moving your enormous phone!" lol...but alas they took a good thing and made a mess of it.

ShahinTr says:

In short, Android and iOS weddings are much more fun and a laugh, :D Arrow to the knee Microsoft, arrow to the knee.

wajd says:

anyone else noticed that they pitched a samsung vs. apple not android vs. apple? seriously, all the phones are samsungs and all the remarks are samsung related :P (which btw makes this add awesome cuz i dislike samsung and apple, love android)

xHunt3r says:

Looks about right, 2 out of 60 people using Windows Phone...

big_Drew says:

That's much too optimistic...the odds of finding two WP users in the same room is far more remote.

hmmm says:

My problem is I am so familiar with Android and have so many paid apps that I would never switch platforms even if Windows was all around better. I have a feeling a lot of people are in the same position. New customers are so important for these companies.

trivor says:


pseudoelf says:

I laughed and will probably remember this video. So I guess marketing win...

NickA says:

I like it. It pokes fun at an article and sites like this. When will you guys learn; there's not one phone better than another. Who cares how many phones were "activated" in the 1 minute it took me to watch this. Who care if Apple is "closed" and Android is "open"? Who cares if Windows Phone sucks, I mean Windows Phone is in third in market share.

Kevin M just spoke of stopping the arguing and that was part of what #tm13 was all about. It will be nice to see the Mobile Nations sites not participating in the sarcasm and name calling. Time to grow up...

Um you do know that Phil owns and actually uses an HTC 8X (Windows Phone) right? He's just joking around. He also had a BlackBerry Z10 in case you were wondering. Might wanna do some research before you attack.

Lurking_Grue says:

It's isn't third. It more recently beat out "Other" and is behind Blackberry.

pappy53 says:

It is third.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Haha one of those times when the advert makes me want the product LESS! way to fail Nokia. Also, if I were with Engadget I'd be pretty annoyed that they put there name to this

rapproduca says:

That was f'n hilarious!!! Because I am guilty of dissin the iPhone every time my peoples pull one out lmao

jean15paul says:

D@mn right we like fighting. :)

I thought that was a pretty funny commercial ... it's not making me want to go run out a buy a WinPhone though.

enthuz says:

That was so funny. It doesn't matter what camp you live in, you have to admit that it was a funny way to laugh at the Apple vs. Samsung, iOS vs. Android debates from the past years. Nokia is only choosing to poke fun and say why not try something different. I'm glad they took a lighter approach. I actually thought I saw myself in that fight when I put down iOS with my Android devices. Besides, if you are a fanboy/fangirl, then no commercial will make you switch, therefore you are not part of their target audience.

hahaha, I totally agree. Very entertaining.

I thought it was funny but I think they missed the point. Windows phones takes pictures just like any other phone (you have to hold it up and get the image in the view finder) plus that comment from the waiter could have easily been replaced with "You think they'd still be fighting if they knew about BLACKBERRY" or "dumbphones". But it does make us look at ourselves in a new light. So this is how the only 2 people with Windows Phones look at us.

Pascalwb says:

So this means nobody has WP :D

judasmachine says:

Brilliant. Love or hate it, that's a good (and scary true) ad.

revtech says:

Hilarious, doesn't make me want a nokia, but it does remind me alot of how I feel when I visit any of the forum posts on mobile nations anymore.

(just to clarify, I'm not referring to mods or editors, just the tendancy of threads to spiral downward within a few posts)

jorgeix says:

Windows had the phone market all to themselves for years but they never came up with anything innovative to change the game until Apple came up with the first iPhone that basically changed everything. I still prefer android, but I have a lot of respect for apple because they did change the way we think of cell phones. I remember the day I said good bye to my last windows phone, the HTC touch pro2. and took home my first brand new android phone, the HTC EVO 4G. I haven't looked back since, I've owned every new android phone until currently the Note 2 verizon version. Windows phones look cool but I think they made their move too late. I personally don't have the smallest interest in a windows phone.

Loved that commercial, but did they have to mess up the Shrimp tower???? It's lunch time here.

I have been interested in the Windows phone for some time, mostly because of Office and other Microsoft services.

chuckz28 says:

I thought it was funny only because there was only two people with windows phones in a whole wedding showing accuracy of the real world.

fightcrazy says:

I have not been to the Engadget Website in a very long time. I just don't care for any of the writers on that site. The one thing I took from that funny commercial is Nokia makes kick ass hardware and they must be mad as hornets they signed that deal with Windows. They would be selling tons of Smartphones if they built for Android. I would love to see just what kind of great hardware that Nokia could make for the Android Smartphone. Yep, Nokia must be mad as hornets.

I liked it, but god those neon colors holy crap, its like a walking Mcdonalds Logo

the1m.polo says:

Windows phone is very fluid but extremely boring after using it....it does indeed take the focus off of playing with your phone cause its so damn boring. ....the wp market is growing but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who like to have the latest and greatest apps ...still no instagram. ..just an app that accesses instagram but does the same thing...smh ....like I wamna go through all of that ...its a good OS but doesn't top android or ios

rsavaiano says:

Like all Microsoft commercials lately, they spend more time poking fun at the competition or making a grand spectacle, than they do actually showcasing the device or what it can do. That's why the continue to fail.


Basically, what I got out of this was, "Switch to Windows Phone to avoid those pesky iSheep and Phandroids!". No one really disses Windows Phone because it's current popularity (though slowly but surely rising) isn't anything to really scoff at or make a huge deal out of. Meanwhile, us phandroids and iSheep have a go at each other simply due to our highly zealous loyalty over our beloved platforms. As obscure as WP is today, you don't really see them raging over their phones' features and such.

Lesson for today kids? Let the iSheep put you down first so you can come back with the equivalence of an uppercut, karatechop, etc. that Android users are known for.

As for Windows Phone users.....well let's just say they'll be getting a good look behind the scenes...with good 'ole BlackBerry alongside them.

TheDu9du says:

I don't mind Nokia. I only mind WP. If Nokia did an android phone I'd buy it. It's sad to see Nokia trying to shove WP in their customers. I would much rather see Nokia going rogue just like Amazon did and even build their own app market using android.

I'm not a big fan of the Metro UI either. I haven't used it. But I would think I would have a hard time scrolling through 100+ apps on it.

Lurking_Grue says:

Windows Phones: It's the new Amiga!

crxssi says:

Microsoft SUCKS of course, but this commercial is hysterical! :)

slayerpsp says:

I saw on tv earlier today made me laugh

return_0 says:

"Siri, search Karate!"

"Searching for pictures of buffalo in Montana…"

darkmax says:

Hmm... time for a temporary truce between Android and iOS and get Microsoft....

StingDrop says:

i love it!!!!! great ad

casperi says:

Ok my take on this is
1) M$ must have payed huge amount to those publication's to take phone of the year. Since CNET is listed I'm sure they got most of it. Sad.

2) M$ Finally fired their last ad firm cause this one is actually funny. The RT one is just dumb, buch of people running around going "click".

3) I still even after using a windows phones don't want one.

4) Where was blackberry? Would have been nice to see one of them keep hitting the camera button and the phone crash and maybe a drop kick in there somewhere. Or them leaving saying " I will be back with a keyboard! !".