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A quick heads up, folks, that the Moto X — which is currently the best Android phone you can buy — gets even better on Cyber Monday. Motorola will take $150 off any off-contract Moto X — including the developer edition, as well as one you customize yourself with Moto Maker.

That means the 32GB Moto X can be had for $400, and the 16GB version drops to $350. (That's the same price as the Nexus 5, by the way.)

Motorola says supplies will be limited, and to stay tuned for more info.

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The best Android phone you can buy is $150 off on Monday


First tee hee so only 5units will sell then the web site will crash.

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If you paid directly with a credit card, use your card's price protection if you have it. They will refund the difference in price, usually for up to a month. Sometimes it doesn't work for Black Friday deals, not sure about Cyber Monday though.

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Well, unlocked developer edition would be $400. That's $50 more than the nexus 5 but also double the Memory.

Decisions, decisions.

It's also the same price as the 32GB N5 with the same storage...

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Actually, it's the consensus of the writers for the site, who probably handle a wider variety of phones in a week than most users, including yourself most likely, do in a year.
Their opinions are worth just a little bit more than yours or the average users.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

There opinions are worth more? To who? I think one's own opinion is what truly matters unless of course you just want others to make your decisions for you.

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Of course the buyer's opinion is always the best for them. That said if you don't take into account opinions from people more knowledgeable than you. You can make a terrible decision.

You don't agree with their choice, fine we get that. Someone else might gain more understanding than you cause of it. There is no reason to demean anyone for it.

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The best Android phone you can get for the best price is the Sprint HTC One (on contract) for only $29.99 from the HTC Website this Friday & Saturday.

Good to know. The HTC Website has silver, black, and red for Sprint whereas Best Buy has blue.

Don't do it! You currently have the best Android phone. No matter what the headline says. I tried both and easily chose the Nexus. Way better in my opinion.

Well to me, the Samsung Galaxy 4 is a better device, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Same, we never get the good stuff the us gets though or if we do its much more expensive!

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Well that's your opinion man, you guys should show some numbers of units sold!!

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I guess what Joezone up there is getting at is written evidence, must be a Samsung fan, apparently that's all they care about. Figures & market share dribble

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So you'd say the iPhone is the best phone, and the Nexus 4 is one of the worst?

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Me either, I think the nexus 5 is better.
Voice commands and active notifications are nice but in the end I don't wind up using features like that myself.

I prefer the first class screen, processor and ram in my nexus :)

The screen is second class to the One and the ram is the same as every other flagship from this year. But if you find those cores comforting...

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$350 for a Nexus 5 or a Moto X, I'm still just as happy with my Nexus 5 purchase. That's the point. We aren't talking about other flagship phones like the HTC One with their higher prices.

The Nexus 5 is way better 1080p quad core Moto x 720p duel core dont see how this site thinks its the best Android phone out what a joke

Have you used a Moto X? Because if you haven't used both phones side-by-side - like the Android Central guys have - you have no basis for this statement. Specs don't tell the whole story.

Specs don't mean anything if they're not utilized correctly by the software. They named the Moto X the best OVERALL phone. Meaning, it's the best overall package. Doesn't necessarily mean it's best at anything.

Posted via LG G2 :)

Yes some prefer the HTC ONE screen, but it's still a very excellent 1080p screen, as opposed to 720p on the moto x.
And yes as someone who plays games, I do enjoy the extra cores and gpu power.

I'm not saying the moto x is a bad phone, I think it's a great phone and many people should pick up this phone, especially at this price. But I think the nexus 5 has it's strengths too.
It depends on what you prefer, for me the nexus 5 is a better phone.

As someone who plays games, you should appreciate the better frame rate and graphics the Moto X and the 720p display deliver.

That road goes both ways.

Those cores are krait 400s so even if it was only two they would out perform the krait 300s in moto x.

"Voice commands and active notifications are nice but in the end I don't wind up using features like that myself."

You'd be surprised. I use them ALL the time on my Moto X. Active notifications are so much better than an LED even with lightflow because you can see your notification and even read a snippet of it to see what it's about. Voice control is amazing in car. I can navigate to, listen to, etc without being distracted from the road. It even reads text messages outloud when I am driving so I don't have to take my eyes off the road. Moto Assist even mutes my phone automatically when I have appointments in google calendar so I don't have to worry about my phone ringing when I am with clients.

Moto X is an amazing phone. Blazing fast (Specs don't matter if it's fast) practically stock android with 4.4. I couldn't picture wanting any other phone.

You gotta be kidding me...I just bought the dev edition and I didn't wait because I didn't think there would be a sale on the off-contract models...


Wow. That is a great deal. I paid 584 out the door for mine.

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Please elaborate, I'm a nexus 5 owner that is really tempted by this moto X deal. The two things that are tempting me is the better battery life and notifications.

I'm both a Moto X owner, and a Nexus 5 owner.
Since my Moto X received 4.4 and I installed GEL, my Nexus 5 is sitting on my desk collecting dust.
I love the N5, but the Moto X is the better phone, plain and simple.

I don't think it's that plain and simple, it depends on your usage and preferences.
4 hours on screen a day is well over my highest usage days, it always lasts a full day.
Nexus 5 battery is more than enough for me in a day and I find the camera very good.
I also prefer the pure speed of the nexus 5.

Moto X have have active notifications and voice commands which are no doubt nice, but they aren't the type of thing everyone is going to get a lot of use out of.

Nexus 5 is the better phone for me.
Everyone has to weight the pros and cons for their own usage.

I get a lot of use out of active notifications and touchless controls and don't think I ever want another phone that doesn't have them. Battery life is also outstanding, especially coming from a GNex. I love the moto x. Specs don't mean anything, it's extremely fast.

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Specs certainly don't mean everything but I also wouldn't say that they don't mean anything. (does that make any sense???)

I know your point and the point of everyone with a Moto X is that specs are not a big deal. And I mostly agree, because it's more about Software and the optimization. I love the look and feel and experience of the Moto X. But I wouldn't start fooling yourself into saying that specs mean nothing.

"But I wouldn't start fooling yourself into saying that specs mean nothing."
Except that in many cases, that's true. People go to the specs first because they're lazy.

Makes sense, I know they do matter for some things but it's just different with the moto x. It's just so fast and smooth. I have no complaints.

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I own the htc one,nexus 5 & moto x. I consider myself a geek, always have been , and I too was skeptical of the specs on the moto x before I got one. Depending on what you plan to do with the device, they are both great phones.

I can get up to 6 hours of screen time on my moto x. I actually pulled 4hours of screen time on my nexus 5 which isn't bad at all.

The active display / notifications & touchless control rocks. Same with moto assist. I have to say once you get used to, its hard to go back to a Device without it.

Whatever choice you make you won't be disappointed. I have to say the Level of software optimization going on with the moto x rocks. Super smooth.

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This nails it! Well written.
I too have the One, Nexus 5, and the X. Each have + - but for these reasons, the X is hands down my main device... Kit Kat just is icing on the cake.

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1. display size
2. display resolution
3. processor
4. battery size
5. OS updates speed/support/purity
6. wireless charging

Gracias. Also, I have to remind myself, there will most likely be a Moto X 2 and a Nexus 6 released in the next 12 months.

1. Manageable device size
2. Touchless control
3. Active notifications
4. Battery management and longevity
5. OS updates speed (so far, so good) and optimized for the hardware
6) Okay, I'll give you the wireless charging.

Not to say your reasons aren't good - but they work for you, not me. I appreciate everybody who is willing to look at the whole package and decide what's best for them.

Yep, I don't regret the Nexus 5 either, but if I had waited, I would have definitely gone for the X.

Either way, Google is really shaking things up. Spending upwards of $600+ for a phone in light of these prices seems crazy.

i was going to order this last week but put it off just in case we had deals this weekend, so happy i did now, 32gb dev edition coming my way for sure

Which has better radio support? Most LTE bands and does the X do penta band?

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Can someone confirm that the T-Mobile version is basically the same as an unlocked/dev edition but with only 16gb? If I were to Moto Make a T-mobile version could I just pop my wife's AT&T Sim in and would she still get AT&T LTE with an unlockable bootloader?

Not sure about the bootloader...But the Tmo version is definitely unlocked out of the box and works with ATT LTE. It's also zero branding on the phone and zero Tmo apps too. There's a thread in XDA about it.

so, is this offer only on US telco stores or is it from a web store?
please pass some links. Would like to see if i can get one shipped to Australia :D

And now I am conflicted again. Had just convinced myself that the Nexus 5 would be my next and now I see this...
I know AC decided the Moto X was the better of the two smartphones. Was that basically due to the software addons? Ignoring voice control and active notifications (I'm sure they're nice but I won't miss what I never knew) would you still recommend the moto X over the nexus 5? I'm mainly concerned about battery life, camera and web browsing performance in chrome (which is shockingly resource intensive from my experience). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

That's not really fair. Because those are key features that make the moto x what it is. Seriously. I have fallen in love with active display / notifications. I own three top end phones. I dont see anything taking the place of the moto x.

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If you're going by battery life and camera, the Moto X would suit you better. MotoX trumps the N5 on both of those. Chrome browsing is surprisingly intensive but either device is more than powerful enough to run chrome effectively with multiple tabs open.

Seriously with active notification and voice control, true if you don't know you won't miss it, but once you start using it, you'll never go back. It's not flashy, but it's changed how I want my phone to work from now on.

The notification light on the nexus 5, when set up properly with an app like light flow, is just as informative as active notifications. In both cases you will see what type of notification you have and then will have to interact with the phone to go further. That leaves voice control. Does voice control trump all of the better specs in the N5 like the screen, processor, faster updates, most likely longer future support or wireless charging?

Personally, I never use voice control. Part of that reason is because Sprint's network is so slow it makes any processing of my voice commands take longer than doing the same things manually.

Just as informative? Maybe, but you have to remember what color goes with each app, whereas the Moto X shows you the app icon. If you get notifications from a lot of apps, the Nexus 5 will run out of discernible notification light colors, or your brain will crap out trying to remember them all.

Just as useful? No. The Moto X has already turned the screen on for you when there is a notification, so a single tap lets you read the notification. The Nexus 5 would require pressing the power button first before being able to swipe down to read the notification. One more step.

With the Moto X, you hardly have to use the power button at all because the screen turns on when you pull it out of your pocket or flip it over, or if there's a notification.

Agreed. I hardly touch my power button anymore. And I have to give the upper hand to Active Notification over a notification light. Can the light give you a preview of your most recent message at the touch of a finger (and again, without hitting the power button)? Combined with the Trusted Bluetooth Devices feature I rarely have to enter my pass code, taking me directly to whatever info I need.

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It should. Because it is under $549.99 it won't qualify for the 18-months of no payments though. I think anything under $549.99 is 6-months no payments.

Hmm, I wonder if you can pull the trigger now and get them to refund you $150 on Monday? Anybody wanna try? ;)

I highly doubt it will work. I would imagine they have about 50 of these to sell at that price and once they are gone they are gone. Most will probably end up on ebay for $495.

Need a new phone for my T-Mobile service..

this would be perfect .. $400 for a custom 32GB phone :D
Hope i remember to order early

I'm sure that anyone who bought a nexus 5 from Google could still sell it and get their most of their money back, if not more.

I still think that the nexus 5 will be the better phone in terms of future proofing than the Moto X because of the massive difference in specs. I just want Google to update the camera software soon.

Will the new Motorola credit payment plan be available? If yes my girlfriend will have her phone early!

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It already is. You can apply for an account and get an instant yes/no after filling out the form.

I think for purchases less than $549.99 the best deal is 6-months no payments. If you use Moto credit for something $549.99 or greater then it is 18-months no payments.

Don't forget it's like 29.99% interest dating back to the origination of the loan if you don't pay it off in time.

Will the new Motorola credit payment plan be available? If yes my girlfriend will have her phone early!

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Wow... This is epic. I still love the bigger and better looking screen on my nexus 5, but at this price the Moto X trumps all off contract Android phones. The Active Display is a great little feature. The size may be ideal for some because one handed operation with the Moto X is great.

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I was gonna roll the dice and still get a nexus 5 hoping they improve the battery and the camera now I don't have to.

I guess my wife is gonna be pissed. 2 new phones in two months. She knew what she was getting into though.

Nothing can replace my Note 3 though...

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Yeah the X is not better than the Note 3, even if you take away the s pen features

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

1. The Note is just massive, for most people it is simply a ridiculous size.
2. Touchless controls (that "Galaxy" thing doesn't work nearly as well)
3. Active notifications
4. Update speeds
5. Samsung Bloat
6. The S-Pen: a neat tool that's way too easy to lose
7. $700
8. American company v. Korean

Of the top-of-the-line phones out there, the Note is probably the last one I would recommend. It's a damn fine device, but it simply isn't what the vast majority of users want in a smartphone. The oversize phone market isn't so small because Samsung is dominant in it, it's small because most people don't want an oversized phone. The Note line may be the best device for you, but that doesn't make it the best device for the general marketplace or the best device overall.

those points you just made were your own opinion. don't belittle the device just because YOU don't like it....

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Carraser - And any claim that the Note is 'better' is also pure opinion. The one difference is that the overwhelming amount of phones sold are much smaller than the Note. The overwhelming amount of users don't want something that big.
Also, the price tag on the MotoX is unequivocally better.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Are you done?
Note 3 > Moto X
1. KNOX Security
2. ANT+ Support
3. Bigger and better screen
4. SD card of up to 64GB
5. Removable battery
6. USB 3.0
7. MHL/TV out
8. S-Pen with top notch features, handwriting recognition and bespoke note taking
9. Dual app multitasking
10. Humidity, temperature and barometer sensors.
11. Better front facing and back camera
12. 4k video recording

I can go on and on all day and as for size, you've forgotten its sold 5 million+ worldwide.

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One word Touchwiz.

That alone makes me and many more run in the opposite direction.

Near pure Android that has been optimized for the device With innovative features puts the X on top. Now if I can get the credit payments i'll be all set.

No 1080p no quad core no sd slot dont get why people want this. the specs are outdated. Got a unlocked gs4 today from Radio Shack name you deal thing phone was 330.00 shipped

Had a gs4 for 6 months and not a bad phone. But now have a moto x and the difference in specs as far as CPU is concerned doesn't equate to a noticeable difference. In fact I'd say my x appears faster at opening apps.

So specs alone aren't everything nor do they tell the whole story for user experience.

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This or Nexus 5? Nexus has better specs but the X had better battery life.

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Nexus 5 has better hardware (such as screen, camera, and future-proof processor) and more software support (yes, the Moto X got 4.4 quickly, but it won't last long).

Moto X has better battery life, nice software features (touchless controls, active notifications, etc) and is more compact.

Depends on what is more important to you.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

The camera is bad on both, the X is better

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

You're asking this in the forum of the #1/biggest online sales team for Motorola?

I prefer the Nexus 5, because I enjoy tinkering with my phone, and there is no development going on for the moto x.

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That is one serious advantage for tech geeks like us, the average user could care less

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Can anyone with a current moto x answer a simple question please? Does the moto x have an option to automatically send and receive MMS (group/picture) messages when the data connection is not currently active? (ie will the data connection temporarily turn on to send or receive a MMS message then turn off). I really like this feature on my current phone and it helps preserve battery life being a poor signal area at times.

Not regretting my Nexus 5, had enough with AMOLED screen being hard to read under bright sunlight and N5's battery life is pretty good for me. The vastly larger Nexus dev community is also a big factor.

Although this is a good deal for anyone looking for a Moto X, the "limited supplies" thing is a bit worrisome though.

While it is a nice phone I do not agree that this is the best at all. Best mid spec phone maybe. It surely doesn't run like a mid range phone but I still much prefer my HTC One.

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Is the Moto X variant compatible with Verizon?? If so, this deal is a blessing for Verizon customers who wanted the Nexus 5..

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I wish every other manufacturer would sell their flagships for $350

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Wow, if I didn't have my Nexus 5 already I would have a tough decision to make. I'm happy with my Nexus 5, and don't see it worth the hassle to return it and get the Moto X. Both phones are fantastic.

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To me, the amazing thing right now is the amazing amount of choice available on all the carriers. To think that we're debating minor points among a huge selection (at amazing prices both on and off contract) puts us in consumer heaven right now - from $29-$49 on contract for most of these phones to a max of $400 off contract for the Nexus 5 32GB or Moto X 32 GB (especially on Verizon - some of us are stuck because of coverage).

The best you can buy?.....just a matter of opinion. I for one (along with millions, upon millions of others) highly disagree.

You can, but why would you? You'd end up paying Verizon the monthly cost that includes the subsidized price for a phone. If having unlimited is worth that to you, awesome. Doesn't make it smart.

Maybe where he lives, Verizon is the only carrier with decent coverage.
Or such as in my case, its cheaper/better to stay with Verizon. I'm on an old family plan with unlimited messaging and unlimited data (4G LTE) and each of us on the plan pay $70 a month. Combined with Verizon's voice/data coverage (and loose tethering policy) it can't be beat.

If you think $70/month per person can't be beat you've been drinking the VZW Kool-Aid for too long.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

Damn you contract. 5 more months to go and I lack 400$ Today has become a vet bad day

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My Verizon contract is up for renewal in February and I plan on keeping the service (where I live they have the best performance). However, I don't know how Verizon handles renewals and if I'll be able to get the "new contract" price in February or have to pay some other price. I really want the Moto X. My question is if anybody knows how Verizon charges for the Moto X on a renewal and if this special off-contract price would be a better route to take (plus I would get the phone sooner :) ).

This was unfortunately never released in Australia. Anyone know if it would work over here?

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I honestly want to know what makes this better than a Nexus?

Nexus is pure and gets updates, S800, 1080p screen, 2GB RAM and Unlocked. Why would I spend $350 on a Moto when Nexus cost same and more future proof? Or maybe I'm missing a bigger picture.

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Nothing in and of itself makes it better than the Nexus 5. It's more in the paths of implementation where the strengths of both lye.

Yes the N5 has a better processor in straight raw performance. Not that it will matter much with most of what is done in android. The biggest reason why multi core processors were put to use first here was the bottleneck of the OS and the UI overlays the oems use. When you have properly optimized software you can do more with less cores. As the X is running near stock a android it pretty much flies just with the 2 cores.

Now where the two differ is how they handle low power operations. The N5 has low power processors in the quad but they are purposed for health and sports monitoring. Where as the X has dedicated low power dsp's to run when the main cpu doesn't need to work. That gives it's one of its strengths of great battery performance. Will the N5 have a longer life span? Probably but in the time of 2 years the X should be just fine.

1080p vs 720p, any of the great flagship phones have put 1080p as standard for their screens. Moto was looking for other places to differentiate from the others. Amoled 720p is great now but took time from when the Gnex came out to fix the issues inherent with the technology. Now for the most part you would be hard pressed to easily tell the difference between the two displays. Oh and let's not forget two of the bigger reasons why Moto went this way. Less pixels to push and not having to turn on the whole screen to get messages. Saves a boatload of battery.

BTW both have 2gb of ram. So that issue is moot.

Listen the N5 is great as it is. It will always be first for updates. Coming from a Gnex I'm looking for better signal and battery life first and foremost. At this price point it has become a much better choice for me.

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The T-Mobile version is totally unlocked. As in bootloader and no carrier apps. I believe the Att one has some of their apps and the bootloader is locked.

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Damn it really? Oh well she'll have to deal. My s3 isn't as loaded as my s2 was with bloatware but still has some.

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I just bought a Dev Edition from them for $550... Wondering if I can buy another one and return it as if it was the one I paid $550 for...

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Its the Nexus 5 for me but the lil woman wants this device bad. Her first Android leaving blackberry behind. I think id better jump on this sale

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Specs mean nothing if the software is not optimized....everyone bangs on how good the note 3 is ..I have one ...and I'm not that impressed.
Yes it's quicker than the note 2,but with the specs it should be rocket ship fast's just not ...I find it buggy and sluggish....and that's purely down to the software ..the skin is just too heavy on processor power's heavy on battery life too ...I still haven't got a phone that will last a 12hr shift ...grr....
I wished I'd waited for the HTC max...:-(

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Anybody being required to return the Moto Skip with the Moto X refund return?

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I am looking to pick one of these up for my wife tomorrow. She is going to use it on Aio Wireless which uses AT&T towers. Is there a difference in the dev phone and the no contract AT&T phone besides the unlockable bootloader? I am sure she would rather design her phone then unlock her bootloader. Also, will the no-contract AT&T phone work on T-Mo if she decides to use them or their MVNO's?