Ad-free versions of original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons
will be available on Amazon, too

Angry Birds on Amazon

Angry Birds publisher Rovio this morning announced that the upcoming Angry Birds Rio will launch on Android exclusively in the upcoming Amazon App Store. That's a huge coup for Amazon, which has had many rolling their eyes at the prospect of another app store, even one with the weight of a company like Amazon behind it.

The announcement also signals a switch from Get Jar, which initially had the exclusive on the original version of Angry Birds but couldn't cope with the launch traffic.

More good news: Android will be getting ad-free versions of the original versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, which also will be exclusively in the Amazon App Store.

No specific dates were mentioned, but recall that Angry Birds Rio originally was said to be coming in March 2011. So if everything's still on schedule, we could see it -- and the Amazon App Store -- light up in the next couple of weeks. [Rovio]


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Angry Birds Rio will launch exclusively on Amazon's Android app store


I'll wait until they are on the Android Market. I still have plenty of levels in both games to keep me busy.

Well, this'll give me a reason to actually check out the Amazon App store... at least until the [hopefully short] exclusivity is over and it appears on the Market.

I don't think the Amazon App Store will take off too quickly, even with Angry Birds Rio. Once it starts making an appearance on phones out of the box is a different story.

I do have to say, it's possible that Amazon solves the open market problem most people have with Android. If you want to see everything, use the market. If you want a curated app selection, use Amazon. Though admittedly, it causes a whole other problem. The likes of which we suffer all to much from already, that being 'exclusivity.'

Edit: Rovio confirmed that Rio will cost $ initially. Since I'm more than likely not going to want to keep the Amazon App store for more than a day, not gonna buy until it's on the market.

I'll also wait. I don't want to have to deal with another app store. Amazon is good for many things but I will not support this. I am especially annoyed they are paying for exclusivity rights for apps which makes me even less willing to support it.

I guess choice is always good though which is what I believe when I think of Android so this is good for the people who want another app store. I have a feeling not many people want one though.

p.s. The spam catcher on this site is so f-in annoying.

Man, Rovio is so frustrating. why cant they use the official App market. Now I have to install another app just to download an app. I'm happy with android market and the progress they have been having in bringing better apps and in app purchasing.

I hope Angry Birds Rio features radical new gameplay mechanics. Personally I think the franchise has gone stale and is really become overhyped.

I wonder how AT&T will play with the Amazon App Store... would this be considered sideloading? I am new to the Android world, so sorry if that is a stupid question.

Yes, it would be considered sideloading as you would have to sideload the Amazon App Store and more than likely Rio as well.

That is, unless AT&T sends an update to their phones to instill the Amazon App Store (Can we just call it the AAS already?) as dreaded bloatware and manages to allow AAS downloads to install.

That's not a stupid question at all, and it's one I asked Amazon repeatedly when we talked with them before the store was announced. At the time, they didn't have an answer.

I like Android and I like Amazon, but I definitely don't like the idea of exclusive deals between App stores. I'm fine if Amazon wants to create a store of their own and lure new customers with excellent service and features. But by making exclusive arrangements which force owners to use their service, they are actually making the experience more difficult and complicated for users. Ideally, apps should be available through many App Stores, and the user would buy from the one they like best. This is a lazy way to gain market share, Amazon.

Sadly, this is the world we live in. $$$ talks.
The android app market is going to go the way of the video game industry. Paid timed exclusivity to a certain store/manufacturer/model. The practice isn't new at all and has been going on for decades in other industries.

JC, what is the big deal? You install the Amazon app store just like you might install another app. Why not have another app store for Android? All the better, perhaps Amazon will have a bit more control over quality apps.

Angry Birds is the talk of the town now with it's constant coverage and this exclusivity will help Amazon's marketing dept.

Give it a chance...

I shop at Amazon regularly but I'll stick to the market, thanks. And I hate exclusivity. I agree that apps should be available in both the market and Amazon's app store so that users can get them from whichever source they prefer. Besides, I've had enough Angry Birds. It's an OK game but it's worn out it's welcome and now I've just gotten sick of it. Time to move on.

Amazon is poised to become the "Apple" of android. They have a music store, video store, and pretty soon an app store. All Amazon needs now is some hardware. The optimist in me really likes the idea of this. Amazon would just need to keep everything "open" and it would be awesome.

This is lame Rovio. Just put the fricken app in the 'official' Maket place where everyone has access to it. Hopefully, AT&T users will be able to with their side loading policy.

I don't use third party and stick only one to manage my apps and game. I don't need another place to check for updates.

So for now unless they put the game on the market I'll play ton of great games just released into the Market...Cordy...AirAttack HD...Dynamite name a few. I haven't even played the St. Pat update yet.

Thanks for the suggestions, Cordy and Dynamite Fishing look really fun. Downloading them now.

PS: Hey Phil, this spam filter is waay too sensitive, can you guys either turn it down, or just turn on the captcha by default.

up front captcha > surprise one after submitting a post, imho

No thanks.

The last thing we need is fragmentation in where to purchase apps for our phones unless it is another layer of DRM that the Amazon 'store' app will force on us.

I still think thia is a bad idea. Why divide apps into two marketplaces? Why is google even allowing it? Unless they get their same cut per app. But then of both get cuts then app prices will be even higher. Either way count me out I will not be supporting dividing into two app stores. Make one really good one and that's all we need. I don't care if it is amazon or google who makes it just have one. The only lacking point in the android market is sorting options which app brain made up for. No reason that functionality can't be added into it. It is ok as it is since app brain interfaces with the market so it is like both are one app.