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The success of Amazon's Kindle line and the Fire TV may just have them finaly building a smartphone — and if rumors are true, it will have a 3D-style screen. According to the Wall Street Journal, folks have been briefed by Amazon about the upcoming smartphone. They're calling it part of a larger move to get into the hardware side of the business.

Supposedly developers in Seattle — where Amazon is based — and San Francisco have had demos of versions of this new Amazon phone, which is reportedly to be announced by the end of June. One of the things to set this apart from the field of other phones is the screen. Sources tell the WSJ that the phone will display a sort of 3D imagery without the need of special eyewear.

Of course, Amazon has declined to comment.

We know you guys and gals won't, so let us know if you would be interested in something like this.

Source: WSJ


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Amazon will reportedly ship a 3D-based smartphone in September


Why 3D? I recall hearing this same rumor quite a while ago, which seems to make it mor probable. I recall reading that Amazon had several prototype phones and that at least one used a 3D display. This was like a year ago if I recall correctly. Of course I cannot find the story now because Google is flooded with today's story.

Alright, I'll be the first to admit it, I loved the HTC Evo 3D. Will this be anything like it? Maybe, at least a little? I'm pretty pumped.

I also had the Evo 3D. I loved it too. I think the 3D was well done for a smartphone first.

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Me too. I love the 3d, but I won't sacrifice overall camera quality and standard picture file formats for 3d again.

It still amazes people though, 3 years later.

I had the LG thrill a few years back... The 3D was a great feature except for the extreme battery rape. If they can make a phone with respectable battery life it may be worth taking a look at.

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I had the EVO 3D after my original EVO and it was nice for its time. Still a huge gimmik even three years later.

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Since when is Amazon a tech company? Go back to retail and Kindle. The phone is too oversturated by Apple, Google, and Samsung for newcomers like you Amazon. It will be difficult for you to break 

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Yeah amazon! That means don't try to do anything! We don't need more competition! Boo! You won't succeed because you didn't try!

Good riddance. 3D tv? No thanks, I don't want to wear glasses over my glasses. Nintendo 3DS? Nice effect, but everything had a weird reflective look to it, and a lot of people reported headaches. Does 3D really add anything to facebook and text messaging?

3d on a small screen just isn't the same as on the big screen. I had the evo3d the 3d was a neat effect but it was too small of a screen to want to view a movie on. If they put it on a kindle they might have something. But a phone just really is too small to truly enjoy the effect.

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Yeah, the 3D effect on the 3DS is pretty impressive. It's just murder on the battery, though, to the extent that there's no point in even including it as a feature (on a phone, anyway) unless they've figured out a way to do it without drawing so much extra power.

The 3D is a gimmick like most people are saying. I think it's interesting but not really practical or useful for anything. I would buy one if the battery life was normal but only for the interesting factor.

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Nope.. What the whole industry needs to stop doing is coming up with useless gimmicks. I'm no fan of iPhone but I agree with their strategy.

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Personally I wouldn't purchase a phone without Google services and if Amazon's ecosystem is only limited to the US then its even less appealing.

But I think it will be great for competition, especially if its priced competitively like Nexus phones.