Terrain Home is a new Android launcher coming out of startup house Samsung Accelerator. Users set up a sidebar with personalized content in tailor-made cards, such as news feeds from a variety of high-profile publications, weather, calendar appointments, and favorite contacts. A single swipe brings up a search bar which can quickly find local and online content, and another Google Now-style swipe brings up the sidebar. An upcoming SDK based on web languages will allow developers to plug their own apps into Terrain Home as well.

Functionally, there doesn't seem to be too much here that you couldn't recreate with your existing collection of home screen widgets. Having widget styles curated and managed under a single launcher app could, in theory, offer some consistency in the experience, but we'll have to wait to see how Terrain Home pans out.

For now, Terrain Home is in a geographically-limited beta release, free from Google Play, so even if you can download it at the link above, expect a bit of wonkiness. On the upside, this also means we can look forward to additional features to be included as development progresses. Which Android launcher are you folks using?