Big Ones

My 75-gigabyte music dump to Amazon's new Cloud Drive music storage and playback service is chugging along quite nicely, so it's with a furrowed brow that I read that Amazon's apparently pissed off the music industry in the process.

See, apparently the music industry believes that Amazon needs a license to allow me to stream my music -- my (mostly) legally obtained music -- from its cloud to my devices. I can take said music and stream it from my laptop to my Xbox 360, or put it on a microSD card and pump it through a phone or six, or put it on a flash drive and play it in my car. But, apparently, Amazon needs a license. And apparently it didn't get one.

According to a Reuters story, the music industry has its knickers in a twist because Amazon went ahead and launched the service while still in talks for licensing fees -- something neither Google nor Apple has had the chutzpah to do. And you know what? Good for Amazon. The music industry has been killing itself far too slowly.

Of course, this could mean that Amazon's service could be shut down, or Amazon might have to pay out the wazoo, or we could all be forced to pay more for the storage space. (And I'm willing to bet Google's going to give more than 5GB free.) We'll just have to see. In the meantime, stream away, folks. Stream away. [Reuters/Yahoo via TiPb]