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Remember a couple of days ago when we had a look at HBO Go, a new video streaming service in the works for HBO subscribers?  The video posted had a not-so-subtle hint that the service would launch on May 2, and it seems that Direct TV has confirmed this via their official Twitter account.

No word on what phones are going to be part of the "selected" few, but it stands to reason that it will be a DRM requirement of sorts, much like Netflix is doing.  I guess we'll know all the details shortly, as May is almost upon us. [@DIRECTV via @BigRickz10]


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HBO Go coming to 'selected' Android phones May 2


They would be stupid to charge ANYTHING for it. Nearly everyone who pays for HBO gets it through a digital cable or satellite box & already has the ability to watch shows/movies on demand on their TV included in the price.

Why would people pay more to watch something on a small screen, that they are already paying for and can watch anytime on a big screen? Even most business travelers would already have access to HBO in their hotels.

I wouldn't really be willing to pay more for use on my phone(Thunderbolt), although i guess I might for shorter programming like the Sopranos...BUT I would be willing to pay for this service on my Xoom. Glad it's free tho with my subscription. HBO is smart: this will keep many subs from cancelling service. I myself have considered it from time to time, but now I wouldn't dream of cancelling.

I hope the Evo is among the supported phones. It doesn't matter a lot, as I have the Slingbox app, but it would be nice.

Really, I don't see why old media is so worried about piracy on cell phones given that their stuff is all over the 'net to begin with. I'm not condoning it, but just saying that, realistically, I don't think very many people would bother ripping from cell phone video when they have the full tools of a desktop or laptop at their disposal.

Apparently this was a mistweet. DirecTV will NOT be including HBO2go as part of their streaming video app on May 2.

HBO2go will be available via the HBO2go app, whenever that appears.

that's the way the article posted on engadget reads:

"UPDATE: We've just heard from DirecTV that this was a "mistweet", as it turns out they won't be adding HBO Go access through their own apps and DirecTV customers will have to use the native HBO Go app just like everyone else. Check the @DirecTV account for the latest tweets, we'll put this one on the shelf next to the DirecTiVo for now. "

The tweet was apparently referring to the DirecTV app's capabilties, not HBO2go service launching