Crowd funding sites like Indiegogo have spurred a tons of mobile-focused innovation, and the latest huge campaign looking for more contributors is called GOkey. The basic idea behind GOkey is being a bit of an all-in-one smartphone tool — a large key-sized device that is a battery, a charging and data sync cable, a device locator and a file storage device all in one. It's a pretty neat idea, and it's pulled in nearly $1 million after looking for just $40,000 to start.

The GOkey promises to charge up your phone for up to two hours of use, act as a pass-through USB cable for charging your phone from an outlet or computer, offer 8, 16 or 32GB of its own storage and help you track either your key ring or your phone if you've lost one or the other. As with any other crowd funding project there's no guarantee of any of this, but GOkey says it plans to have products shipping out in January of 2015 if all goes to plan.

Being near the $1 million mark means GOkey will reach its fourth stretch goal, which will add a file manager app, and if the project hits $1.2 million by the time the project ends tonight it will add more color options. Previous stretch goals reached added GPS location, USB 3.0 support and the ability to act as a phone remote.

If you're interested, head over to the Indiegogo page at the source link below, read the information and disclaimers then put your money down on this really interesting looking project. Funding levels start at $59 for an 8GB GOkey.

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GOkey is an all-in-one smartphone utility device looking for Indiegogo contributors


Seems like too much of a jack of all trades master of none thing... It's bound to be a tiny battery only good for emergencies, if I wanted I'd grab that credit sized battery I saw the other day by Mota (think it was like 800mAh, not bad for the thickness/space of 2-3 stacked credit cards).

I've been using my phone sized 6000mAh Anker less lately (wireless charging = I charge more thru day). Who needs a sync cable on a constant basis these days? Besides the fact these you still need a charger anyway. I guess having that and/or a battery is a nice plus if you want a locator fob, for some reason those are never super tiny.

In a related note... It'd be nice if an AC editor would review at least a couple of the multitude of micro USB OTG + regular USB flash drives that have popped up. The lower capacity models are cheap enough you can grab half a dozen for a roundup. I bought a Meenova micro USB OTG reader after their Kickstarter but I'm thinking of replacing it with the Kensington DataTraveler microDuo OTG, it's positively tiny.

There's some USB 3.0 models even but none has quite the blazing speed (200MB/s) of my existing USB 3.0 thumb drive when writing to it from a PC (which I can use over regular OTG cables where the mobile device's slower flash is the bottleneck anyway). I'm betting tons of people still don't realize you can get a thumb drive (or fingernail sized drive) that works across your phone, tablet, AND laptop.

I have 2 thingz to say.

First I smell Pressy. Simple idea that necer really showed up until the knock off came to market before the kickstarter did.

Second, IT'S 2014! My phone talks to satellites in space, I've got the entire Internet in my pocket. Yet I'm still walking around with keys in my pocket. WHY AM I STILL CARRYING AROUND KEYS?

No. Your phone passively receives GPS signals but does not talk to the GPS constellations. And none of the cellular signals come from a satellite either; they are all ground based.

Far simpler crowd-sourced products than this have failed to ship on time or live up to expectations. I'd say there's just about a 0% chance that this one will live up to expectations and ship on time. My prediction: poor battery performance and a ship date no sooner than fall 2015.

It would be great if they could pull it off, but there's just no way. It just has too many ways that this can go wrong.

Can this be used as a Trusted Bleutooth device?

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I'm in for the 32 Gb version. Just for the "i lost my keys/phone" feature alone it's worth it for me. The other stuff just makes it all the better.

I am with you on that one, the extra charge doesnt hurt either.

I am not into funding stuff like this just because they have a tendency to fall apart or get delayed out of existence, but I will pick one up if the have a done product.

I will totally consider this if it comes to the market. A bit expensive for me but really flexible. I need it for the find my keys feature alone!

I'm trying to remember the last time I plugged my phone into my computer to sync something. It has to have been well over 2 years ago. With cloud storage & NFC I just don't see a need for that anymore. The extra battery life might be useful to some people, but there are other solutions for that too. My usb memory stick is smaller than my thumb nail. I don't see a need for something this large. The key & phone location feature is kind of neat. But, the last time I misplaced my phone I just said okay Google now find my phone. I am all for new and innovative products, but, as a previous post said, this is kind of a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I'm just wondering if there really is a need or something like this. To me,k this is a product that seems cool now when you're reading about it and watching the video, but if you saw one at Best Buy, Target or Walmart, would you buy it? I don't think I would. That doesn't mean other people won't, but, this is just one of those products that doesn't seem like it's really going to go anywhere after its initial launch.

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At first... i thought... hey... nice idea. But here's thing.

My galaxy gear fit can make my phone ring...

Samsung offers a way to track your phone.

I have a 64gb usb OTG and a 9000mah charger.

This is a good idea because it would be very handy... a good idea to have this around. Just one thing that has all of the above-mentioned functions.

But here's the thing... i think everyone would agree... that it would be so much better if someone just invents a very powerful battery the size of a flat watch battery. Now thatd innovation.hehehe

IMHO... if it would just be overlapping some of the features of my other gadgets... then never mind. I mean.. we have cloud nowadays.

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