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One of the many cool things to come from Google's Material Design update to the Play Store app, which now features big beautiful images and colorful icons when you select just about anything, is a huge deal for All Access subscribers. After this update hits your phone or tablet, you'll be able to check and see if an album is a part of your All Access subscription thanks to this single line toward the bottom of the page.

This is a huge step towards fixing the somewhat clumsy relationship Google has created between All Access and regular Album shopping on the Play Store. Previously, the lack of clarity could lead to accidental or unnecessary album purchases because there wasn't just an "add to Play Music" when you were subscribed to All Access. While that button still doesn't exist, because buying albums is still a cool thing to do sometimes, this new notification lets you know that all you need to do is search for the artist in the Play Music app in order to add their work to your existing playlists.

We're sure to be finding many more of these subtle little gems in the update Play Store, so be sure to sound off in the comments if you see something even cooler than this.


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Google Play Store now tells you when albums are in All Access


I'm not sure I understand any previous confusion, as there was always the "Listen in Play Music" button where the non-All Access albums had "Play All" (as in samples of all). Oh well, the more obvious the better!

What I'd rather see updated is Play Music, to incorporate the artist bio and album description info that exists in Play Store; it's been some time now since they added the album year, which was helpful but I'd like to see more integration. And the ability to sort Play Music albums in chronological order! (PS - sooooo first!)

Where it makes me happy is that I can go to my All Access after I ask Google Now "What song is paying" instead of the store with no link to All Access

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Clumsy is a good way to describe finding new music on all access. I look for new music on iTunes then search for what I've found in all access.

I still manage my personal music collection with iTunes though listen to everything through Google Play Music. There are many times I want to own the music I'm listening to or support the artist by buying the music directly. It's not easy to manage in Google Play, but not impossible. Anything they can do to make it more obvious what the status of any particular track is the better.

Clumsy is a good description of the situation.

Clumsy is also a good word to describe managing the music you actually own vs the music from Google Play. I'm hovering right below my 20,000 song upload limit, and I would love to remove uploaded songs that are available on All Access, but I can't find a good way to do it.

As for the Play Store change, that's really helpful! But what's wrong with having an "Add to Library" for All Access button alongside a "Purchase" button?

Well, I find like 95% of the music I want on it, so I think it's worth it. New albums are mostly available on the launch day as well, not always though.

This really great to hear because one big issue I have had before this is say i do google now where it listens to song and identifies it in the past i saw song with only option to buy it. Now i can get to the songs to add them to my GPAA library or playlists with out getting a match then having to open music app then searching to for the song I already had open and was just looking at.

Amazon MP3 still gets any album purchase from me. I have it set up to automatically dl to my PC which then gets scanned and imported to Google Play.