Let's get the obvious out of the way first. This phone is not real, it is a render and is simply a concept design by Kristian Ulrich Larsen. Now that that has been covered, let us now say -- this thing looks pretty awesome. The idea behind it is rather fitting and all too true of how we view today's devices as well:

The phone has 3 screens that can be transformed in different ways depending on what the user wants to do with it. Having 3 screens on a phone opens up a number of possibilities in dealing with the content on the device. Because people no longer only use their phone as a communication device. It's more and more used for the things, we usually use our laptops for, but with the limited screen real estate on phones, there are still boundaries for what you can do.

People are doing more with their devices and this concept is hopefully, a glimpse of things ahead. Maybe not exactly in this form but we sure wouldn't been complaining if this thing became reality. Video can be found after the break. [Idkul via Engadget]


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Concept phone with triple-displays, it's a flip with a twist


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I do like the concept very much. I've been waiting for the smartphone (superphone, whatever) shape to evolve a bit.
Call it the Droid Adapt.

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Do I lose my geek card for saying that's too much? I mean the new breed of 4.3" phones are about as big as I'd ever care as a PHONE. I really think anything more is a gimmick. That said if anyone wants to buy me a tablet, I'll let them. I just know they are NOT phones, they are baby laptops.

Wicked cool GUI though!

I thought it was a bit much too. But if you look at it the top and bottom screens are just that, screens. So they wouldn't add much thickness at all. The middle would have all the beefy internals. And if this were to come out say next year, god only knows how thin an average phone would be, I mean look at the SE Arch compared to some phones released last year, it's astonishing the difference a year makes. so perhaps by then this phone with all 3 screens folded into "normal" mode would only be as thick as a Dinc. And you could even keep the screens at 3.7" because it folds out anyway so there would be no need for them to be 4.3", so pocketability wouldn't suffer much at all

Just thrownin stuff out there.

I think the point here is that people are thinking outside the box and whether this phone hits the market or not doesn't matter, I'm just excited to see where "phone" tech goes in the not-so-distant future:)

Interesting concept. The only problems I could see with a phone like that would be the opening mechanisms. Plus the worst battery life ever. I mean the screen takes most of the juice anyway this would drain the battery three times faster.

I could easily see this in the near future as a real phone and I would love it. You could even take advantage of features of honeycomb like the fragments because of the extra screen real estate. People that are saying it doesn't look practical are right in a way because they are thinking in terms of today's technology. However, five years ago I never imagined having a device as powerful as my laptop fitting in my pocket.

honestly, i would buy this in an instant if it were real. they could probably do something to extend battery life,like maybe multiple batteries, where it switches when the first one runs out? its probably gonna be awhile before we could make a phone like this, but its awesome.

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As for the phone design... Well, it's interesting. Is it practical? Maybe, and maybe not. I'm a sci-fi buff and I'm always thrilled to see a new take on current technology. The best part of Android (Google) is its adaptability and how it's pushing the envelope in nearly every corner. As the "phone" part of our smartphones continues to fade and these handhelds become merely "smart-devices", we may well see not only new operating systems but new more flexible materials that encourage and support on-the-fly adaptability for the purpose of maximizing the user experience and push content delivery. ;-)

OK.... Beam me up, Scotty.

ZOMG I HAZ just invented a phone wit 9 screens!!!! That way I can watch 8 different channels of porn and post on Android Central at the same time!