AAA Mobile folds together old discount, roadside, and map apps

The American Automobile Association has updated their Android offering so that instead of a smattering of different apps, they're all pulled together under one roof. 

  • Road Service Request (app identifies location)
  • AAA member discounts
  • AAA Approved Auto Repair locator
  • Gas station locations and updated gas price information
  • Diamond Ratings for AAA Approved hotels and restaurants
  • Hotel booking capability powered by Travelocity
  • Listings for AAA Approved attractions and campgrounds
  • AAA branch office locations
  • TripTik® travel planning with interactive maps and directions
  • Instant battery replacement quotes
  • Electric vehicle charging station locations
  • Join AAA

I'm a little surprised that AAA hasn't been working with Ford AppLink and the equivalent competing dashboard app platforms for Chevrolet, BMW, and other car manufacturers. AAA obviously has a huge vested interested in being in the automotive app space, and plugging directly into a car's handsfree and dash system is the best way to go about it. 

Some of the features in AAA Mobile are locked down to AAA members, but the app itself is free - go ahead and check it out at the download link below. Which apps do you guys use while on the road? 

Source: AAA

Download: AAA Mobile


Reader comments

AAA Mobile folds together old discount, roadside, and map apps


Now, if they could just integrate Insurance and Account Services. None of the apps allow direct access to your AAA account or Insurance information. You have to manually enter everything.

The Google Play description says "To receive Road Service, you must be a current AAA/CAA member." So I think this one app might serve both clubs.

AAA is not on the dashboard yet because they require a bidirectional data connection.

They are late to this entire space because Garmin and Sirius (and others) are teaming up to provide maps, traffic, gas prices, etc. Garmin and Navteq have hotels already in the in-dash systems.

Most of this stuff belongs on your phone anyway. That might still work while your car is wrapped around a pole.