Haier Watch

At the IFA Global Press Conference this week in Malta, we've had a look at a new smartwatch from European brand, Haier. Perhaps better known for producing white goods like washing machines and refrigerators, Haier's watch is something you give to your kids while retaining the smart features for yourself.

And it'll help you keep track of your kids.

It's a pretty unassuming thing to look at, it's essentially just a chunky, digital watch. It recharges using microUSB and has GPS inside along with a speaker and a microphone. All of those are important for connecting to the companion app which goes on your, the parents, phone. The app will allow you to set a specific geographical area that you're happy for your kids to be in when they're away from you. Be that a street, a block, a town, the control is in your hands. When said kid leaves that area the parent receives an alert on their phone.

You can also use it to communicate with the that child using the built in microphone and speaker. A mobile phone might be too much to give them, but this still provides a way to keep in touch as and when required.

It'll go on sale in Europe in September for 99 Euros, or 129 Euros for a more 'adult' looking version aimed at seniors. While you don't need to keep track of the seniors in your life necessarily, having the ability to find them when they're in need or communicate at the push of a button is something that could prove useful.

The senior option will go on sale in Europe in December.