And you can buy any color, as long as it's black

Canadians, rejoice! You can now buy a Pebble from Best Buy for the same reasonable price as those in the U.S. — $149. Although it has been available through various means in different countries, including direct from Pebble's website, it has really only been reliably available from stores in the U.S. up until recently.

If you've been holding out in Canada for a big retailer to pick up the Pebble, now's the time to get one for yourself. Unfortunately it looks like the only color on offer at this point is black, and the site indicates that limited supply is available. But we won't ever look this gift horse in the mouth — hit the source link to order yours now.

Source: Best Buy (Canada)

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NoNexus says:

What!?! They have the black one in Stock?


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Pick up some hockey pucks and maple syrup while you're at it.

Impulses says:

Zing eh

Smart watches eww

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Devhux says:

Future Shop (both owned by the same company) has also been selling it for a few weeks

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sequoia462 says:

And again, Canada only gets one colour.

With a "u". Common guys, this is a Canadian article!

bigtnew says:

Does anyone who actually has one of these like it? I almost got one at bestbuy the other day but backed out. Think a new pebble is less than 6 months away? I'm always talking myself out of these purchases.

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Shawheim says:

I got one for my birthday in September and i love it. I wear it everyday. The dev community is there with it and there are lots of 3rd party apps that let you customize it. From apps to watchfaces, you can really make this watch your own. Not to mention you can change the band to any 22mm band. @$150 its a better investment than pretty much any other smart watch.

jreuschl says:

I love mine. Does exactly the basics of what I need it to do. I don't need a color screen or a camera. Being a non-color screen it is always on. Good battery life.

Mainly bought it to see text messages from my phone and other notifications like sports.

Junior chuxx says:

Bret the hitman Hart has one.. Eww!!

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Impulses says:

Man, that $30 off Best Buy student discount on the Pebble is really tempting me (it's running thru next February, Google it, US BB has it in red too). $110 seems very fair for what you get, and I don't see anyone outside of Sony doing a better executed (much less cheaper) smartwatch that I'd actually want.

Samsung, Qualcomm, et al really need to go back to KISS for their next batch of designs... I'll probably wait a bit since the discount's running for a while, still got that AC roundtable article saved in Pocket for later reading. Just wish I could see it in my hands first, the local Best Buys don't seem to carry it though.

josh7cfc says:

Thanks for bringing that student discount to my attention! Was thinking of picking one up in the States when I'm down there, now I'll probably just pick one up here if I can get $30 off.