Qualcomm Toq

If you've had your eye on a Qualcomm Toq — especially after reading our review — but couldn't quite justify the $350 asking price, know this: Qualcomm's shaved $50 off the top, in honor of CES. 

In other words, you can now get the Toq for $299, same price as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The price is good while supplies last, Qualcomm says.

The Toq, for the uninitiated, uses a Mirasol display that's always on, so no having to hit buttons to see what time it is. It also sports multiple (but muted) colors.

Here's where to buy the Qualcomm Toq:

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bearda says:

I guess these aren't flying off the shelved the way they hoped...

Does it come with a 800 snapdragon processor?lol

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TonyHoyle says:

It was never meant to.. It's basically a demo for the display tech and only ever made in limited quantities

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I honestly don't understand who is doing these designs for them? First the pebble steel comes out with a giant logo on the front, and the toq has that stupid white bar with the logo on the bottom of the screen. It's not useful for anything, it doesn't give any information, but it's bright white and very distracting. Yuck.

grydlok says:

Know this or Now this?

erstam says:

Sweet. Now after another 200 dollars I might buy one! MIGHT.

ken512 says:

Google watch

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still1 says:




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codiusprime says:

That didn't take long.

dflores says:

I'm assuming you got the same email that I did, which says the following:

"To celebrate the International Consumer Electronics Show, taking place in Las Vegas this week, we are delighted to announce a special offer of 50 dollars off the regular retail price of the black Qualcomm Toq smartwatch.

This price promotion will be available this week only, January 6- 11, 2014."

It also goes on to state "Offer available for black smartwatch only".

So the price should be going back up after a week.