Android smart watch

Android as a brand is used for more than just smartphones. One case where this is true is a small company that designs and sells moderately priced watches that feature bold, industrial design. They've been around a while, and have a considerable number of fans among "watch geeks" — including yours truly. 

I've been waiting for some company like Android to build a smart watch compatible with our Android phones since I first saw the Pebble. It looks like that's going to be soon, as the Android SmartWatch is said to be coming in December. The quick first look we see in the above image, and in the video after the break, aren't exactly the awe-inspiring design I was waiting for, but hopefully the price will be right and the functionality will be at least equal to the better units we see today. 

We'll know more when they tell us more, In the meantime, there's a video after the break that shows it off a bit, including the Galaxy S4 it's being used with. 

Source: Android Watches