We're starting to shift the heavy lifting of covering smartwatches to our pals at Smartwatch Fans (which, of course, will occasionally involve some familiar faces from Android Central). And to that end, Adam Zeis has rounded up his favorite smartwatches of CES 2014

Some of them should be familiar. A few may be new to you. All deserve your attention.

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The best smartwatches of CES


Well, it's either that or the leather... 2 whole options... I thought the idea that you could wear any watch band was appealing. This, not so much. Wonder why they ditched the standard watch band fit...

I'd like to yell: all these smart watches look like cheap crap that could have been produced 10 years ago!

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I'm looking into one of these as well. Can't decide between Sony sw2 and pebble steel... what's your overall opinion of sw2 since you've had it?

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The SW2 is my #1 choice because it has:
Style- A replaceable band and it doesn't look cheap, geeky, or odd.
Battery life- It can go 3-4 of days.
Ease of charging- It can be charged virtually anywhere because of the universal charging method that's best....plenty of micro USB cables everywhere.
Waterproof- Not completely but since it's water resistant I do not worry if it gets wet.
Display- It is a always on which is a must if it is to be a true watch. Color is nice to have. It's easily seen in sunlight.
Content- It's truly smart because the apps are there. I also need the full content of texts and email. I don't want to pull out my phone to see what just came in. The whole point is to not have to do that.
Price- True mass market penetration price of sub $200.

I only know of 1 smart watch that has all of the above. The Sony Smartwatch 2.

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These guys (AC) are biased against it seems anything Samsung, so don't expect to see the Gear up there. Just like how they always leave out the Samsung S4 in the best top Android Phones list. I got the gear recently, and I gotta say I don't see what the issue is. The new firmware shows all the notifications for any App I choose. I got 3days out of use on mine, which clearly is more than the 24hrs these guys claimed.

I think it has more to do with when they reviewed the Gear. Before updates, it was slow and not all that great. The same way most nexus 5 reviews were pre-4.2.2 camera updates.

The Gear only works with Samsung devices. Not everyone has a Samsung device. So there's that. Let's talk about the Gear if it supports other Android phones.

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Samsung's S3 / S4, essentially the same, get honorable mention below the top three primarily because of mass marketing sales to lemming type buyers and Yarellians.

The proprietary Gear may presage Samsung's plans to use their dominance to fork from Google and Qualcomm and go for premium pricing and profit like Apple.

Agreed, I also have the Galaxy Gear with the Note 3, Love it. I have installed all kinds of apps on my watch. Nova launcher with a keyboard. try that on the pebble. G-Mail has no problems on my Gear. The Galaxy Gear will receive more updates very soon. The phone has specks like on a mid level phone including 4gb of int storage. I have the Galaxy Gear in black with the black Note 3. Samsung seems to be a dirty word on this website, don't know why and really don't care. IMO no company has better software than Samsung, that S-Pen is just over the top.

The Gear was just announced at CES? I could've swore it was out a long time ago. Hmph.

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No, the Gear has been out for months, so there wasn't much to say about it in the context of CES. It's been fully reviewed and pretty heavily covered here.

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The Gear is the best of the crop and to quote yarell "period" lol will be interesting to see the Gear 2 when released.

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The Gear is nice but it's too much money, the band cannot be replaced, the weird charging method makes it inconvenient, I'd have to be super careful with it around water and the content and use with all devices is very limited. Sure, the Gear is nice to look at but it's weird it's one of the most limited of these devices yet one of the ones with the highest price tags.

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The Gear is the most limited??????? Obviously you never used one. You can do more with the Gear than any other Smartwatch made. You can even side load apps, I have Nova Launcher, a keyboard and more, much more. Limited, not the Galaxy Gear. You can even root the Gear to run apps that need root.

I suspect he was referring to the fact that the Gear only works with three (or is is four now?) Samsung phone models, and the fact that it's notification functions are heavily optimized for proprietary Samsung apps (although I know they've started to address that with the most recent software update).

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Agreed. The gear dominates these things. Why is the pebble so ugly???

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Cogito nice design, but these smartwatches in that article look designed 15years ago! Imagine you wear them to nice clothes, looks like crap

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I agree. A smart watch shouldn't have to look like a tiny smart phone screen or what not, it needs to look good with the clothes you wear. My preference would be a watch that looks like a watch but is a compliment to the smart phone, not a replacement.

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