More robust selective syncing is now available for Google Drive on Mac and PC, allowing users to save space by choosing what folders they'd like to sync locally.

Google Drive for Mac and PC now lets you choose which folders to sync locally

With the change, users can head into the "Sync Options" portion of the Preferences menu and either choose to sync everything, or only select folders. If you choose the latter, you can then select the specific folders and sub-folders you'd like to keep synced. If you deselect a folder, the local files will be removed, but they'll stay safely stowed away in the cloud. Prior to this change, you could only apply selective syncing to top-level folders, which wasn't all that useful.

In another minor change, the Google Drive app will now alert you when you're about to delete a shared file or folder. Now, it's less likely that you'll accidentally cut off access to a file that you've shared with others.