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Google is holding a contest to give away a bunch of Nexus S's. You need to follow @googlenexus and solve the puzzles they give you.  Google will release new puzzles around 9am PT and followers are only allowed one entry per day. If you submit multiple entries, your subsequent guesses will be disqualified.

This contest is only open for US, UK and Canadian residents (minus Quebec). Find the official rules in the source link. (And if you're looking to win a Nexus S without all the hassle of rules and Twitter, we're giving one away, too.) [Google]

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raul#AC says:


romsrini says:

I would love to win the Nexus S. I've had the Nexus One from the beginning and I have been waiting for a phone that didn't have all the carrier bloat ever since.

you need to post in the Nexus S contest forum. Good luck.

pancho22 says:

Canadian residents (minus Quebec)...

I must say this isn't fair at all. Anyway, not the first time we are put apart.

raul#AC says:

Yeha I figured that later on.. but I couldn't figure out how to delete the older one so I just modified it.

I'd love to win one..You guys are AWESOME!

inert67 says:

It's not really Google's fault. Blame it on the Quebec government's department of vices (alcohol, racing and gambling... Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux). They're "protecting" us with rules so stricts and complicated that people running contests often find it's preferable to simply exclude Quebec.

Complete rules here:

miniZ says:

I would enter.. but I never win anything. I will just buy it with money.

conspicuous says:

WOw..Am new to android..but pleaaaase make my day by giving me this phone

Have a nexus one now only thing better is the nexus s

sleepthieves says:

God I'm the biggest phone nerd i know! I even worked at T-mobile and got to play with a G1 before they came out. I have been too broke slash waiting for the best combination of features in a android phone to get one. If i won the Nexus S I would be ecstatic! I already have t-mob (even more plus plans FTW) so i would be set!

Oddbin says:

I presume your contest isn't open to anyone outside the US as usual?

ZeroX201 says:

C'mon Lloyd!,would love a chance for that piece of hardware

xtremedance says:

Im concerned about the contest on the google twitter page. Ive read reports on lifehacker ( about links titled "" being a virus. I see this page is COVERED with these links. Anyone else think this is fishy? Thoughts?

brenthamby says:

I would love one! I code for android everyday.

brenthamby says:

I would love one! I code for android everyday.

tlds says:

I have a entry level phone and it is killing me! I would love to own a top of the line android phone. Android Central help!! Please!! Pick me Pick me...