Android Wear setup

Last week we asked a pretty simple question — who has a smartwatch? Because most of us reading AC every day are the early-adopter tech-savvy types we figured about half would say yes, and the results show we we're pretty close. No surprises, right?

Of course, a simple set of yes or no options in the poll would be zero fun, so we got a little breakdown about who has what, and who is considering slapping a smartwatch on their wrist. And as usual, the best insights came from your comments.

Poll results

No real surprises. About 45-percent of the folks answering have one or more smartwatches. As expected, most of us are using an Android Wear watch of one flavor or another. Pebble and Samsung's offerings round out the majority of the rest. The number of people who are considering the idea of wearing a smartwatch was a bit higher than expected, considering the whole smartwatch thing isn't "new" like some companies want you to believe.

The most interesting thing, at least to me, is how opposed to the concept folks with no desire for a smartwatch seem to be. The comments on the poll show that plenty of people not only don't want to wear a smartwatch, but want to question why others do. Pretty polarizing and unexpected, but to each their own.

If you do wear a smartwatch, you're probably pretty excited for the next generation. We certainly are. If you don't, we're pretty sure the future will hold plenty of other cool Android things to catch your attention and your wallet.