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Best Smart Rings for Women in 2022

Nimb smart ring
Nimb smart ring (Image credit: Nimb)

Rings are one of the best accessories a woman can have. Not only are they a subtle accessory choice, but most of them aren't so heavy that they'll become bothersome. Granted, a smart ring can do less than a watch — you can only fit so much technological marvel into a tiny ring — but it's nice to have some extra perks inside your jewelry. The options are limited these days, but the smart ring market is constantly changing so who knows what the future may bring!

Get smart

These rings can protect you, interact with your favorite apps, track your fitness, and so much more. It won't be hard to find a ring that meets your needs. However, if we had to pick one for style and functionality alone, there's no better choice than the Motiv Ring due to its subtle yet classic style and its long list of helpful features. You'll enjoy three days of battery life, waterproof technology, activity tracking, and online security for your accounts with 2-step verification. Talk about a smart ring.

If you're on a budget and don't need all the bells and whistles in a smart ring, we suggest that you check out the Leagway R3 Smart Ring (opens in new tab). It doesn't track your heart rate or sleep like some of the other expensive options on the list. However, it does come with an NFC chip, so you can make contactless payments and store important information that you can easily access on the mobile app.