Smartwatch Fans!

Happy 2014! There is no better day to launch a new website than January 1st, so we're doing just that. Today we welcome Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family!!

We're incredibly excited to launch We actually entered 2013 thinking it was the year we needed to go beyond phones and build a new "connected accessories" community to join the ranks of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore and Windows Phone Central. As we discussed throughout Talk Mobile 2013, mobile is about so much more than just phones these days. The problem is, with the "internet of things" growing so big, so fast and penetrating into every area of life, it's really hard to define the scope of where a new community like that would begin and end. As we've learned over the years, a successful tech community needs a focus.

Just as Mobile Nations was there at the beginning of the smartphone era over a decade ago, we've been part of the modern smartwatch era since its earliest beginnings too

With 2013 winding down and no new site launched yet, it was actually CrackBerry's Managing Editor Adam Zeis who lost patience with the indecisiveness and took the initiative and got the ball rolling with Smartwatch Fans. Thinking on it now, it was really a no brainer that our next community be focused on smartwatches. It just makes so much sense.

Just as Mobile Nations was there at the beginning of the smartphone era over a decade ago, we've been part of the modern smartwatch era since its earliest beginnings too. Most pundits look at Pebble's amazing Kickstarter debut in 2012 as the starting shot that set off the smartwatch race we're witnessing now. In reality, Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble, was working on a version years earlier called the inPulse Smartwatch. And it was back on CrackBerry in 2009 that we worked with Eric to bring the first photos of the inPulse smartwatch to the world. Like I said, we've been thinking about smartwatches at Mobile Nations since the beginning. And even more important, we already have a bunch of watch fanatics on the team across our existing sites. We just needed a place to all get together.

Adam Zeis gets the honors of being Chief Smartwatch Fan and will be managing the daily beat on the blogs. With a lot of smartwatch fans on the team, you can also expect to see regular contributions from your other favorite Mobile Nations personalities. Expect to see many new faces too!

The site is already off to a great start and the forums are buzzing, so be sure to drop by and say hello!

Grand Opening Contest - Win a FREE Smartwatch of your choice from Smartwatch Fans!

Win a Smartwatch!

In true Mobile Nations fashion, to celebrate the launch of Smartwatch Fans we're kicking things off proper by holding a contest to win a free smartwatch of your choice. To enter, all you need to do is visit the contest post at the link below and tell us which smartwatch you'd like to win!

Take note, if you're already a member of Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore or Windows Phone Central, you can login to Smartwatch Fans with your existing username and info. If you're already logged in to one of our other sites, just jump over and click Login and you'll be registered on the fly. It's that easy.

Enter to Win a Free Smartwatch at!


Reader comments

Welcome Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family!


I can wait for Google to bring its generic smartwatch.. I would rather skip device specific smartwatch like Galaxy Gear.

pebble is good but i am expecting more

Nexus Smart watch. No limit to a specific device, no bloatware and great price with decent hardware. What's more to want?

Posted via Android Central App

Hopefully Google will put a music player in the smartwatch so it can be used as a stand alone device without having to take your phone with you to do physical activities. The new Sony smartwatch 2 is the first to do it now, I hope others will follow.

Actually its the Mayan Bactun calndar long count that ended in 2012 and a new calandar began. Nostradamus said his predictions only went as far as to the 3900's or 39th century and did not do predictions per say but possible out comes. And for people who study the bible, the only person who knows the actual end of the world is God, not man.

I know, brother. I was just being facetious, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Scientist are saying that at the rate of nano technology now that in ten to twenty years phones will be implanted with in us. I was watching a scientific episode about nano technology on discovery. But of course they didn't explain the microwave transmissions emitted by phones. The World Health Organization has stated that people need to keep phones a minimum of 4 inches away from your head to prevent the risk factors from using cell phones.

I'm with you. I can't believe anyone is excited about these things. One of the best things about smart phones is not having to wear a watch.

I hope they talk about the Omate Truesmart watch. That thing is amazing! Also, will there be an app for this division of Mobile Nations?

Stealth Droid - Working in the Nexus Lab

Shhhh.... don't mention the Omate or Jerry might go crazy on you :)

I hope having a new "site" for watches doesn't end any postings here about new Android related watches.... smartwatches are interesting to me, but not enough to follow a whole other site.

So far the Omate has been plagued with delays and "vapor" status. Jerry likes neither (well, most of us don't like it either). ((Jerry posted a few negative comments about the Omate on previous articles))

Because Omate wasted my (and your) time with promises of Google Play. You would think they should have cleared that with Google before getting people to send money...

But I don't get mad at anyone over it. I simply make sure every time I see their name mentioned that I remind people. :)

I'm sure this site will continue to cover smartwatches. After all, the whole point of the internet is to make things more convenient for crxssi

I'm hoping for the opposite. A smart watch that runs android, sure, put it here. If it's just compatible with android ala the Gear, Pebble and everything else, stick it over there.
I also happen to think 'smart' watches are pretty dumb, so any cutting into the clutter here strikes me as good.

Well, that could change. Of course, nothing matters until there is a product to buy, which so far there is not...

congrats Adam. hopefully this move saves you from that sinking ship called crockberry and gets you out from under that annoying egocentric cheeseball's thumb.

Absolutely, lol. I like Kevin, and though Blackberry may not be doing so great, I'd venture to say that Crackberry has the liveliest forums of all of the Mobile Nations communities.

I completely agree. Their forums is live 24/7. Anything blackberry will be found first in the forums there than anywhere else.

Posted Via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

Lol @ buttsurfer.

Even with the latter part of your comment being true:

That's still no free pass to attack an editor (or anyone) or his site.

Their forums are "on" 24 hours a day.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

I'd hate to see webOS Nations part two... =(

It sucks when an OS "dies." Less competition and choice will never be a good thing.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Well, if blackberry dies, it wouldnt effect anyone much, side theirs Sailfish, Ubuntu Phone (which I'm really excited about), Mozilla OS, and Tizen. Not to mention BB isn't very much a competitor to iOS or Android. Windows Phone, is really the only competitor to the Big2 currently, and not a huge one at that.

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

Well I think crackberry will stay but all its going to be about is how to put android on it lol but in all fairness to look back at the good old pre 2010 days for blackberry

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G

Happy New Year to you too, Gekko. You've always been such a Kevin hater. Glad to see 2014 hasn't changed you. Lol. In case you didn't notice, I'm the one who wrote this post. While my editorial personality has historically stayed close to BB, I oversee all of our Mobile Nations sites. Running a site now, Adam will probably see more of my thumb than ever before. Lol. That said, he's a rock star and will be able to handle it. I hope you enjoy the new site. It's going to rock!

He hates French Canadians to!
I'll never understand why?
Also it offends me, because I'm part French canadian.

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

I still don't understand what Gekko has against French Canada, or any part of Canada for that matter.

I mean the us is great, but Canada is awesome as well.

I'm just glad the us has the Uncarrier! (Even though I made a 2year deal with devil). Sorry I get sidetracked easily.

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

Haha, it's all good, brother. I'll have to visit Canada, someday.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

And, ladies and gentlemen, that's how you kill someone with kindness.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5 or my "God-Given" iPad Mini Retina.

Gekko is Not a big fan of HTCs head either so you have good company

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The first generation could turn into the Nexus Q...

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The Nexus Q was an overpriced stint.
I think Google needs to be more serious about the Smartwatch.

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

The smart watch thing just screams 'fad' to me. The fact you need two hands to do ANYTHING is a dealkiller in my eyes. There's a reason Google skipped right over the watch and went for Google Glass.

You may be right. I do see them catching on, even if only for a short while. But, they will certainly not replace smartphones, at least not anytime soon (if ever). We will see where the future takes us, though. Should be interesting.

Ok so my tag huer goes with everything i wear ...girls and guys always ask about it..... its the smartest watch i know..

Posted via Android Central App

Smartwatches are by far the biggest rip off in the tech world, yes, even more of a rip off than UHD!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Uhhhh. . .if they like paying $350 for a smartwatch, I guess.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

So your saying $350 is a reasonable price for a smartwatch? No wonder why these companies charge what they do, cause they know someone will pay $350 for a smartwatch!

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Got my Pebble for $89 in a holiday sale. Not all smartwatches are overpriced.

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What smartwatch costs $350? Only the Toq. And the only thing close to that is the $299 Galaxy Gear, but everything Samsung makes is overpriced. Most smartwatches are $99 to $199.

I'd like to see WP Central take on RT and 8.1 devices more explicitly. They of course aren't ignored, but they are certainly second class citizens. These OSes are now mobile and those devices and ecosystems deserve equally rigorous attention. You'll also get some crossover from other MN sites, since Windows touches a lot of people's workflows. In Microsoft-land, the line between home computer and mobile device is getting quite blurred (and that's okay).

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I still wear my analog automatic mechanical watch and proud of it. I see in the near future where the average person cannot read an analog watch face unless its spelled out for them aka 11:43 AM....

Posted via Android Central App

Haha it could get even worse! My Pebble currently reads like this


But yeah, there's no substitute for a nice mechanical watch, since they're as much accessories as they are time pieces. As much as I'm enjoying playing around with my Pebble (a very thoughtful Christmas gift from my dad), I'm never going to wear it to work or on a date.

"Most pundits look at Pebble's amazing Kickstarter debut in 2012 as the starting shot that set off the smartwatch race we're witnessing now. In reality, Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble, was working on a version years earlier called the inPulse Smartwatch."

The origins of smartwatches go a lot farther than 2009. What about Microsofts old failed SPOT technology line of smartwatches and also the Fossil PalmOS watch from back in the day? I think the old mobile nations legacy site "Treocentral" had an article back in the day about the Fossil smartwatch...

Absolutely. That's why I refer to it as the MODERN era of smartwatches. There have been previous attempts / eras of smartwatches, but the current ride we're on was kicked off with the Pebble.

They're all just so damned .... UGLY! For the price, I don't care what it can do, before I could even show off the tech to someone they're going to wonder why I'm still wearing a $10 80's Timex calculator watch! I can understand not having a metal case because it might interfere with signal strength, but NONE of them have a wristband I'd trust to secure $300 worth of ANYTHING. My dog and cat have wardrobes of collars that put this crap to shame.

Le sigh.

Between here and fark, I may never work when I am in the office..

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Had the Pebble for about two months, but now im back to the Sony smartwatch 2. Looking forward to the Google watch so.

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1. Why are they called 'smart' when they depend on another device to function?
2. If it were =< $100 then 'smart' watches would of made more sense but it's not value for money.
This is a device that gets out of date after the max 2 iterations. A good old swatch, casio etc would last longer than any so called 'smart' watch in the future.

PS: Smartphones are 'smart' because they're independent.

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

That's a good point, and a reasonable distinction. But you know how this industry is. No one cares about technical accuracy when there's a good marketing term to be used, and "smartwatch" sounds a hell of a lot better than "wearable companion device" or whatever.

CHANGE THE CATEGORY OF THE CONTEST ARTICLES. When I clicked on the contest article for "Win A Smartwatch of Your Choice" my job's "gatekeeper" software detected it as a GAME site and blocked it.

Good! Now, maybe, I'll have a better chance of winning!! Lol!

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I didn't even read the article...I just know I will NEVER buy a "smartwatch" or "Google Glass". I'm a phone person. I guess I can understand my parent's reluctance to buy a smart DVD player...Wait, no, I can't.

Zzzzzzz..... Call me a Debbie Downer, but a site dedicated to smartwatches? C'Mon man!!! May be in 5 years, MAY be..... :(

Please edit your site's meta data to include a category. I cannot access the site from work because it's uncategorized.

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