You're about to get a deluge of wearables news this week from CES in Las Vegas. And that includes something Monday from Pebble, the Kickstarter darling that has one of the more affordable smartwatches currently available. (And, what's more, it's cross-platform as well.)

We spent the day with Pebble a few weeks ago to get inside the company, and perhaps get a feel for what's next.

Peep the video above, and be sure to read the full feature, "Wrist First: This is Pebble." Then head on over to our newest sister site, Smartwatch Fans, and say hello!


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Watch this: 'Wrist First: This is the Pebble Smartwatch'


Haven't worn a watch in years, but with the emergence of the likes of Pebble I'm getting very interested.

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Very interested in a the pebble. Having seen some getting used I'm really intrigued. Just not sure if I should get it, or wait and see what Google or Motorola do in this field.

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Love my pebble. I went from the pebble, to the galaxy gear and promptly back to the pebble. #teampebble

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I still think that a watch is the wrong form factor for wearable. As long as I have to grab my phone to really interact with the notifications it doesn't really help. I wish more companies would try different ways instead of all trying to do a watch.

So the "something" Pebble is announcing is that there will be a watch version of the Mercedes app, and not a new watch? That's disappointing.

I keep fighting the urge to press the buy button on Amazon for the Pebble. I am going to at least wait to see what they announce. I will probably own a Pebble by the end of the week.

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In all seriousness, shouldn't this be over at the site or whatever it is? Isn't that why you guys made a whole site for just smartwatches?

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It cross platform as this affects any OS system... we still get apple/windows news even though this is Android Central

Go back and find the most recent Apple or Microsoft post here. I'll wait.
They do happen, but not often. We're getting hit in the face with a buttload of smartwatch news.

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Keep in mind that Smartwatch Fans is new, and I'm sure they're still trying to develop a large and regular viewership. We'll probably see smartwatch posts here (and at iMore, etc) for a while until the user base over there gets going.

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If they came out with a more professional band and casing I'd be interested even if it was the same core watch. It just looks like a cheap kids watch as it is now IMO.

I agree about the casing. When the product line matures a little, I hope we see a more professional model.

As for the band, you can swap it out with any 22mm band. There are instructions for how to do it on a post at Smartwatch Fans.

Hook it up with a wide band (the same width of the watch and I'll buy every color. Skinny/thin watch bands are out.