We've had our hands on more than few smartwatches here at Android Central, but our pals at Smartwatch Fans are giving things a deeper look. (Don't worry, we'll still continue to give our take on the major ones.)

And today, Adam's rolled out his list of the best smartwatches you can buy today. Each has a place, we think, but it's good to see them all in one post. Head on over and take a look. Or use the all-new Smartwatch Fans Android app!


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Smartwatch Fans rates the best smartwatch you can buy today


Does every Smartwatch Fans post get posted here? Because if so, what's the point of having a separate website for it?

Well if you visit the Smartwatch fans page you would know they do a couple of posts a day, so no. I think MobileNations is still trying to make everyone aware of the page so they are pushing it occasionally to the rest of the sites.
Personally I just picked up a Pebble so I like the new site.

What's the point in being a fan of a smartwatch that costs $350???

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Android Central doesn't post everything from Smartwatch Fans but quite a number of Smartwatches run on an Android OS or a modified version of it and work with Android phones so it makes sense that there would be some interest in them.

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Galaxy Gear imo. That is until Google makes a smart watch and utilizes Google Now then I may change my mind.

I haven't followed smart watches too much but something like the Gear...Does that require touchwiz or could you use it with a Nexus? I assume something like a Pebble is usable by everyone. I couldn't imagine a watch requiring a certain brand of smartphone would ever win I guess.

Gear is only compatible with like 3 or 4 Samsung Android phones. So for many people it isn't even really an option. Pebble works with iOS and Android 2.3+

As far as I know you can't use it with a nexus. You could probaly search and find if someone has success with it though by maybe rooting and downloading the apk.

I have the Gear and Toq. The Toq to me is a tad bit better due to the fact it works with any android device.

I don't buy things that are a ripoff!!!!! Screw smartwatches! I have $ to spend on more important things, like rent, food, gas, car payment.

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And I have money to blow on things like smart watches. :)

I currently have the Sony smartwatch 2. Imo , it looks better than the pebble and has good functionality.

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When you get it, don't pay for a notification app. The best one is called Watchit. You can get it in the play store and its free. Watchit sends all notifications to your watch and let's you view the notification's content.

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You certainly used the right adjective! Money to "blow" on smartwatches! These overpriced things are very, very far from primetime!

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That's why, i refuse to buy a product that's still got work to be done. In the coming few years these products will be worth buying.

I'm waiting for the day i can strap a fully fledged phone around my wrist.

the big print giveth, the small print taketh

You should probably stop commenting on these articles and go work to pay your bills.

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Not too crazy about smartwatch posts on the android site. I think it dilutes the value of the AC brand. AC is probably smart to get ahead of curve, but it seems a bit odd to have a dedicated site and post here as well.

And for the majority of the time, you still need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket to take action. So what's the real benefit of a "smartwatch"? I just don't see it. Maybe in 2015 or 2016, but not yet.

The only wearable technology that I'm interested in right now has to be focused on Health, such as the Fitbit. And while I think that product has a lot of potential, I don't think it'll start hitting its real potential until their next release.


A smartwatch/band I'm looking forward to is the Razer Nabu.

I'm hoping to develop apps and enhancements to make it more fluent and improve how I do things.

It will be my first time developing any app to Google play, so its going to be a lot of work.

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I know the Sony one is up to 5 meters. Not sure how they do that when the micro USB port is covered with a simple plastic cover though.

So the Gear has the best display, seems to do more and looks the most elegant. Yes right, it is not the best watch...

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