Pebble and Nexus 5

Just a quick heads up to all you Pebble smartwatch owners out there. Your watch should be receiving a firmware update today, but don't go looking for any new features just yet. The update brings new functionality to iOS users (and iOS 7 in particular), with a slew of new notification possibilities in version 2.0 of the Pebble SDK.

So, again, expect a firmware update, but your Pebble app will remain as is for now. Our pals at have more on the update.

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Pebble smartwatch gets a firmware update, but it only benefits iOS for now


Starting to annoy me that iOS is getting updates first.

You target the largest market, and that is Android.

I guess they get a bye though since KK just came out and they want to check for compatibility

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Pebble is more functional with Android devices already. The iOS side NEEDS the overhaul because iOSĀ 7 actually makes a difference. It's got nothing to do with updates first, it's Pebble pushing a necessary update :)

It's annoying to hear someone whine without even reading the post/source. In this case, iOS update is actually a catch up to the Android version.

Even if that is the case pretty much all developers will tell you iOS is much easier to develop on so as far as resources vs time it makes sense to develop for Apple first. As much as I hate it.

First, the post says nothing of the sort.
Next, no I would have thought that would have been covered so no I didn't read the source.
Finally, I was thinking more in general than specifically this post.

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The interesting thing for us is the release of SDK 2.0 beta, not the firmware. They have opened up the accelerometer among other things.

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