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Kickstarter has spawned some pretty interesting products over the past 12 months, one of which is the Pebble smartwatch. It's some time now since Pebble first hit Kickstarter with a $100,000 goal that eventually became $10million. Having originally been slated to ship in September, this was missed, with seemingly no end to the wait in sight. 

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Press invites have started to roll out to a Pebble event on Jan. 9 at CES in Las Vegas, where we're promised that the company CEO, Eric Migicovsky, will not only unveil the much anticipated product, but will also offer a full walkthrough of the finished article. 

The Pebble smartwatch is an intriguing device. Featuring an electronic paper display allowing for great viewing outdoors, the watch will pair to your Android device via a downloadable application. The app will allow you to choose a watch face to match your tastes, and will also push notifications to the watch for email, phone calls, Facebook notifications, calendar events, Twitter, weather and alarms. Additionally Pebble will have the ability to receive text messages from your phone. The watch itself will also be able to run specially designed applications, opening up a whole world of possibilities. 

The event goes down at 09:00 PST on Jan. 9, and Android Central will be on the ground to bring you all the news. The event will also be live-streamed over on the Pebble website.


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Pebble smartwatch to be officially unveiled at CES, ready to be shown off to the world


I wanted one of these so bad. I told my wife to get it for my birthday/father's day present. I even said to get it sooner than later. By the time she went to buy, the campaign was over. Still a little bitter even though I try really hard not to be. Petty, I know, but I really wanted it. I guess I will just have to pay retail when it's available.

Because of the screen the pebble is always on like a regular watch and the battery can last for weeks if I'm correct. I also believe they were making it water resistant