Today Pebble announced some funky new limited-edition smartwatches, available in Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue. They're just like the Pebble you know and love, only way cooler and much bolder. The new colors arrive on top of the original Jet Black, Cherry Red, Arctic White, Grey and Orange — now giving you plenty of options to find just the right Pebble. You can grab them all right now from for $150 — or if you're feeling lucky — you can head over to Connectedly and enter for your chance to win one.

We're all about spreading the smartwatch love, so here's your chance to win a brand new Fresh, Hot, or Fly limited-edition Pebble smartwatch. Just swing over to Connectedly and drop a comment on the contest post. You'll be entered to win so you can show off your love of tech to the world with a new Fresh Green, Hot Pink, or Fly Blue Pebble. The contest runs until Sunday August 10th at midnight PT. Good luck!


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Pebble announces new limited edition smartwatches, Connectedly is giving one away!


I think the 5C colors were a little more attractive than these. Maybe it's just because I have boring fashion sense, but I don't think any of these colors would go with anything I wear at all.

Hm so why am I looking forward to my Pebble Steel, which should arrive this week? There is cleary an audience, who prefer an discrete type of watch. I'm all in now for smartwatches, but from I've seen, these bright displays on watches are just terrible. This is just my opinion, but I don't want everyone around me looking at my notifications. Well, most won't even notice the Pebble as a smartwatch.

I also can't imagine myself talking to my watch. Useful at home when you're to lazy to look for your phone, but otherwise,... nah. Again, in my opinion, smartwatches should only tell you the time and notifications. Sometimes even respond quickly to a text message. Right now, the pebble can do all of that perfectly. It even looks decent enough! Saw the black ploycarbonate one (and the only Pebble I saw) strapped to a Fossil leatherband. Just amazing!

But I'm drifiting away now.... stop generalizing personal opinions! Every smartwatch has it's pros and cons, even the Pebble.

Only 6 comments.. wow

Ok pebble come out with one that has a little bit of color display... not a lot. ..just a little.....OK!

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