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GoPro plans to release a new video editing app later this summer

According to GoPro president Tony Bates, the company is in the final phase of testing for a new video editing mobile app. The new suite will enable consumers with GoPro cameras to trim and share video straight from their smartphones. GoPro aims to have the app made available by the end of summer...
GoPro for Android

Using a GoPro with Android

When it comes to strapping a camera to something and doing something crazy, GoPro is usually the first gadget that comes to mind nowadays. The company has worked hard to put its hardware in the hands of some of the most extreme activities mankind has dreamed up, including Google's new Jump...
We took a look at the GoPro Google Jump camera array

We took a look at the GoPro Google Jump camera array

Google has been working on a way to bring more content to VR users and allow anyone to create it. Jump, Google's newly announced VR creation platform, is entering the market with a GoPro camera array. This new camera rig will hold 16 GoPro cameras that will work in parallel to record an...
Android Central

GoPro app for Android now available

GoPro has launched a free companion app for their rugged mountable HD cameras. The Android app provides access to the whole suite of settings, and offers a live preview of what the camera sees, which should help with framing when you're about to leap out of an airplane, wingsuit to the slopes,...