One-click Amazon has made it to your wrist

Shopping for stuff at Amazon just got a new wrinkle with the latest update to the Android Amazon app. Not only does it support the new Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, it also includes an Android Wear app for buying things directly from a supported smartwatch.

The release notes for the app states, "Customers with Android 4.3 and above in the US with an Android Wear watch can use their voice to search, buy and save shopping ideas to their Wish List." All you have to do is say "Start Amazon" (after the requisite "OK Google" to start voice commands) for the app to begin working. From there you can search with your voice for anything on Amazon, add it to your wish list, and/or order it with one-click and have it immediately shipped your way. We tried this ourselves and it does work as advertised, which means people with a supported device and a shopping addiction had better be careful.

You can grab the Amazon app for free from Google Play; the Android Wear integration comes automatically, so there's nothing you have to do other than install or update Amazon on your phone. So the question is... what are you going to order from your wrist?