Misfit Shine — not long for this world?

Today saw the announcement that Misfit's activity tracking software was coming to Pebble smartwatches, something that took us by surprise, apparently it's because Misfit's leadership saw the death of dedicated fitness trackers in the tea leaves. All told, wearable fitness trackers are a relatively new category, only a few years old at best. Misfit sells the Shine activity tracker, which relies on a smartphone (or now a Pebble) to sync and display its data.

But in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Misfit CEO Sonny Vu said that the writing is on the wall:

"If you buy one of these [Apple] devices you're not going to buy an activity tracker," [he said], adding that he predicts Android-powered watches will undo the fitness bracelet market. "Why should we cling on to a dying a business?"

Going up against a titan like Apple was always considered dangerous, especially with their anticipated health-monitoring iWatch likely just a few months from debut. Misfit, for their part, has sold more than 300,000 copies of the Shine fitness tracker, and has no immediate plans to stop selling it. But they're going to move more into partnerships for fitness data software in lieu of their own hardware.

Android Wear smartwatches and the iWatch aren't currently available, and yet they're already starting to suck the air out of the fitness tracker space. Do you want to keep wearing a dedicated fitness tracker, or would you prefer a smartwatch that does it all?

Source: The Wall Street Journal