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We're halfway into a new era for the Pebble smartwatch. Pebble Steel starts shipping today, bringing an updated (and more sophisticated) version of the smartwatch to our wrists. It's available in either matte black or stainless steel, with links or a leather strap — and it's damned nice.

While we're still waiting on the updated Android app and the Pebble App Store, our pals at Smartwatch Fans have the lowdown with their own Pebble Steel review. Give it a look-see.

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Smartwatch Fans reviews Pebble Steel!


The pebble steel is great for some people and will give pebble a wider audience but as a teen I much prefer my original pebble in black.


I have to say I am disappointed by two design decisions of the Pebble Steel.

First, they now use a proprietary watch band. I think this is a very bad thing. Looking at the design they didn't even need to. All they had to do was leave out that middle metal piece and use a normal band. I use a NATO watch band (One piece strap basically instead of two watch bands) and they are no longer compatible with the new Pebble. Now you either have to like their watch bands (and hope they fit you if you're a big person) or hope third party bands show up which will most likely carry a premium price and all come in a fairly standard (small) size. I really don't know what they were thinking there. That was a very big selling point to me with my original Pebble.

Second, they just had to throw their name onto the front. Another big reason I like the styling of the original is there is no branding on the front at all. Now they have that branding like a Casio from 1985. A lot of the custom watch faces have the word Pebble in them anyway which basically looks the same as physically branding it but is cooler if you ask me. I wish they could have just left it like that.

The two things I really do like are the metal casing and the gorilla glass lens. The plastic of the original apparently scuffs easily, though mine is still in perfect condition.

I am hoping a third iteration will be released at some point that is more of a direct sequel to the original Pebble and maintains the sleek, clean, unbranded look and goes for the more standard watch band interface.

Thankfully the screens are the same and the apps are all compatible so it isn't like the original Pebble is obsolete by any means. It is just another option (about half the price on a good day too).

And last, are those preinstalled apps like ESPN or Fourscquare removable? I don't use any of them and really don't want them on my watch at all... I will be disappointed if the new updated forces them on me, especially if they use up app slots... The original Pebble had no bloat on it at all. Those preinstalled apps are the definition of bloat.

Yeah, the lack of swappable bands really is a pretty huge disappointment. I think the brushed stainless one would look really slick with a thin, black leather band. My grandpa was a watchmaker, and from gifts over the years, I have quite a few bands sitting around, and it'd be cool to be able to mix and match.

"Although it’s steel, the watch still feels light enough to be comfortable while still weighing enough to not feel cheap."

From the linked review. Reading is fundamental.

Does it give you the jollies to state "Reading is fundamental."

I didn't want to waste one of my clicks on the link leading to the story [I only have a few billion left]. My question was rhetorical. The watch looks cheap as heck in that picture. I need to see one up close. The bezel on that thing is ridiculously HUGE! I guess different strokes for different folks. I'll stick to my ridiculously expensive, ridiculously limited battery, ridiculously beautiful screen Galaxy Gear with the ridiculously stupid camera.

The tone of your post gives you away as a GG user who feels he has to diminish the competitor in order to feel good about his purchase.

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I'm a little confused by this. Are they saying only the pebble steel has software updates and an improved UI, or is this eventually going to be part of the first gen pebble as well?

I think Pebble Steel is a great deal if you consider how much other watches that are fashionable cost

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Exactly! I see in my eyes my grandpa could wear that thing but surely I wouldnt!

The first pebble design was terrible, looked childish. This one is the opposite way.. I can imagine older people sitting in a senior house wearing these new pebbles. lol

But hey! You cant argue matter of taste: someone likes blueberries, someone strawberries. And I still prefer my Sony SW2 with a metal band.

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1 of daily watches and my special occasions watch each cost more than the Steel. $250 is CHEAP! I've been anxiously waiting for smartwatches to develop and mature. The Steel is the first step for me. The next step is to make them actually useful. I dont need a camera or mic on a watch and I dont want the extra bulk it adds. I dont use foursquare and wouldnt use yelp such a device when my 5.2" G2 would naturally be in my pocket. THe only times i'd use ESPN or any similar sports or news app on a watch are the brief periods it's not socially acceptable to use your phone, like during a funeral or wedding ceremony. I can live with that.

What i REALLY want out of a smartwatch is classic watch looks, which this Steel has nailed, and virtually unlimited face designs, which I'm sure are available. What keeps me from buying one, assuming it's bluetooth is compatible with my phone, is a real need to have this information on my wrist. Maybe I'll make this, or it's successor, my next watch purpose, as opposed to my next gadget purchase (if that makes sense to ppl)

The watch band doesn't bother me as I can add/remove links myself.

I really have to know what watches you are buying that you consider $250 for a watch "cheap".
You can find great looking watches sub $150 all day long. If you're paying more than that, you're probably paying for the name.

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Yup. Plus pebble steel NEEDS to be cheap. Pebble needs to build up its name before they can start charging 250 for there products

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I'm really disappointed with the pebble steel. They should have added at least some extra hardware like a mic and speaker or bigger battery or something. I just don't feel like it is a good value for the money compared to other smartwatches.

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Agreed that the extra money is not worth it without additional functionality because it just does not look that much better. My OG pebble is fine for work to notify me etc.

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Sweet baby Jesus, why the hell did they have to brand the front in such an ugly way? I get that most watches have a brand but that looks bad. I'd rather they just upgrade the memory in the OG Pebble and buy one of those.

I was hoping for more from them at CES, I guess I'll just have to wait till MWC to see if Samsung is going to do anything new in the Smartwatch scene.

Not quite there yet on wearable watches that interact with smart phones. I hope that people will continue to buy them until they start to become more slender and stylish. Then perhaps I'll start looking back into them.

Looks more sophisticated than the original Pebble but way too expensive at $250 compared to the original, especially when the original occasionally pops up for $129 and they have the same internals.

I think Pebble prices it's devices based on tapering demand so that it can supply enough considering it's limited production capacity, which was illustrated by its constant delays with the original. If this doesn't sell well, expect it to drop to $199 which is a more reasonable price point given that the Galaxy Gear is $299 and does so much more.

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